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Winter Wedding Ideas Part 2

As many party rentals Toronto professionals know, wintery photographs will look gorgeous if they’re framed on your wall. Talk to your photographer in advance about getting some shots done outside on the big day. Aim for photography sessions during light snowfalls with no wind, so that you’re not covered in snow or getting blown away. It’ll also help if it isn’t too cold outside; although there is a solution to this should you have no other choice. Wooly ponchos (or even blankets) and a snowy backdrop will give the photographs a cozy and vintage feel. If you want some more colour in your photographs to make them pop in the table rental area, have a confetti blizzard in correspondence with the snowfall. If you’d prefer a more majestic ambiance in your photographs, consider swapping the ponchos with fur capes instead. For the bride-to-be, it is a good idea for her to pose with a cotton ball bouquet mixed with dried leaves in lieu of flowers, especially roses, which will dry out quickly in harsher conditions. Cotton matches the look of a winter wedding perfectly, and you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged easily. As for her wedding dress, she could do away with tradition and wear an ombre gown, adding even more deep hues to this already intimate setup. Most weddings are characterized by bold (and nowadays, flashy) lighting, but you’d want your winter wedding to exuberate intimacy and comfort in the table rentals Toronto region. In order to achieve this, Wedding Rental Toronto recommends that you light up multitudes of candles and spread them everywhere, along with low lighting and sparkles to illuminate the space and make it twinkle. Ask your Toronto Party Rental company to find you scented candles that are fruity – your guests will find bliss in such fragrances, especially if they are combined with the smells of wonderful food. If you’d like some colour in your lights, there’s nothing stopping you from hanging up light-emitting diode bulbs to render the space reminiscent of holiday nostalgia. If you decide to use these Christmas lights, you can also tie escort cards made out of twigs to them. You could also pair your lights with candle lanterns for a more antique look.


Many Toronto party rentals suggest getting your guests excited for the holiday-themed celebration by sending out paper invitations complete with winterful and jubilant illustrations and designs. As a thoughtful gesture, you should also prepare blankets for them to snuggle up in if you’re planning to incorporate any outdoor elements in your wedding. You could also ask to get your limousine customized, so that it feels like you’re going on a sleigh ride. You may choose to tie prop gifts on the roof of the vehicle and even use a wreath as your “Just Married” sign at the back of it. Don’t forget to decorate everyone’s favourite dessert at any wedding – the wedding cake itself! Make sure to add edible festive toppings such as winter berries, sprigs of fir, and glitter. Maybe skip out on the winter nuts in case any of your guests are allergic, but you can definitely decorate your banquet hall with winter nuts. They are becoming quite popular in the tent rentals Toronto industry.


As Special Events has a plethora of ideas, tips and tricks that will enhance the overall look and feel of your event. Take heed to the expert advice stated above, and call us as soon as you’re ready to host the best event in the GTA!


Winter Wedding Ideas Part 1

Weddings are glorious occasions that many couples experience once in a lifetime. No matter what time of the year it is, romance is always in the air – and it may surprise you to find that wintertime is perhaps the most romantic of times for that special day. If you’re able to look past the cold weather, cozy evenings indoors filled with warm drinks, vibrant decorations, and delectable delicacies while spending time with loved ones definitely set the tone for an intimate atmosphere. Unfortunately, many wedding tent rentals Toronto professionals have said winter weddings are quite uncommon, but with the help of AS Special Events, you’ll surely be convinced that winter weddings can be just as beautiful as weddings taking place in any season. We are here to prove that winter weddings are just as joyous as any other holiday that occurs during the winter season. With the countless props and recipes used for the winter holidays, you are sure to find inspiration for many ideas and themes that you can incorporate into your winter wedding. Wedding Rentals Toronto can help you get started! They are able to provide you with everything from audio and video equipment, to catering, to dance floors. If you really want your wedding to reflect the chilly weather and the festive mood, you might want to consider bringing in spruce trees and reindeer sleighs. Or, if you want to keep things simpler, you can incorporate decorations white details, especially those with snowy colours and designs, combined with a woodland palette to immerse your guests in an enchanted forest. As for refreshments in the tent rentals Toronto region, you can never go wrong with traditional chocolate chip and gingerbread cookies and cocoa – coupled with mulled wine, of course. Speaking of wine, your guests will surely be grateful for a cocktail bar that serves hot drinks besides cocoa and wine, such as warm beer and hot brandy cocktails. Coffee is an excellent beverage to serve after the ceremony and even during the reception, as your guests will most likely want to mingle outside for some fresh air and offer their blessings on a happy marriage. Your dishes should be unique, too. For example, you could treat your guests to personalized mugs that they will drink their cocoa from, and they will certainly serve as a fond memory of your big day. If you choose to keep with the forest motif, you could opt for pairings of winter berries and cinnamon sticks in lieu of the traditional napkin and ring combination, so that your decorations are refreshing and organic. You might also place frosty pine cones, foliage, and log slices on table tops for more variety in your magical forest. Scatter them all around the banquet hall for a seasonal and inexpensive touch. The more twigs in general, the better. Get creative by adding other wintry adornments like berries and sprigs of fir to your menus and other service booklets. To maintain this same consistency in your furniture, you should also replace the usual chair covers with rustic evergreen foliage (although it would be wise to cover them with soft cushions to prevent sore bottoms). For your specific preferences, call the professional Toronto tent rentals team in order to make an order. No wedding is complete without commemorative music to bring even more cheer in the hearts – and ears – of your guests. There is no better time than now to play all your favourite holiday songs and compositions that speak to our blessings and all that is good in the world. You could include a mix of slower, graceful melodies with hearty and uplifting tunes.


We hope that your lovely winter wedding will be a day to remember for many more years of happiness to come.


Planning the Perfect Winter Party

Winter parties are very popular in the table rental region as a great way to add to this festive season is to throw a memorable holiday party. Our expert party planning team knows just what you need in order to WOW your guests! Before you send out your invitations and look for your party venue, think of some unique winter party decoration ideas and themes. In the winter, an all-white theme is probably your best bet. We have a wide selection of white linen, such as, chair covers and table cloths available that will enhance the overall look for your winter party. You can add elegance to your white tables by ordering our crystal glasses for your guests. Many tent rentals experts say, these glasses resemble snowflakes, they will match perfectly with the other winter party decoration items suggested above. A nice 10×10 booth drape consisting of the colours blue and white will also add to the overall look of your winter party. With our many decoration items available, such as our beautiful silver accessories, you have the ability to throw a beautiful winter party. As many Toronto residents know, winter can get very cold. Due to this, we have propane tent and patio heaters available. Your guests can stay warm, and comfortable while enjoying the view of your beautiful tent and snow fall outside.


After you have carefully selected your decoration items, tent rentals Toronto professionals suggest sending your invitations out well in advance. Be sure to ask your guests to RSVP so that you know how many people will be attending your event. With this information, you can order the right size tent, or the right number of rental items such as plates, forks, spoons, glasses, tables and more. After this step, you must create a budget. Setting a budget prevents you from scraping for change as your event date continues to creep closer and closer. This also helps the As Special Events team plan the perfect winter party for you according to your specified budget. Once your budget is in place, you can look for a great venue in the wedding rental Toronto area. To keep up with the winter party theme, try to find a venue that is close to mountains, or even a lake. In doing this, your guests can enjoy beautiful winter views.


Most venues offer catering services. This grants you the opportunity to ask them about the options on their food menu. It is wise to start off with a nice warm soup, and then move onto to bigger meals as the event progresses. As Special Events offers a wide selection of catering products for your convenience. Ask us about out chafing dishes and serving tables. Once the menu is all set, start planning the entertainment portion of your event. In the Torontoarea, there are many songs dedicated to the winter season. Go through this list and choose songs your guests will enjoy. As the music is playing, your guests will want to dance. Our expert party rental team has many dance floor options. Whether you require plywood flooring, oak, or parquet, we can help. As an added benefit for your guests, you can incorporate some games. We have black jack tables, playing cards, poker chips and more. Our industry experts are trained to assist you with your party planning needs. Call us today to receive a helping hand and more sound advice regarding the many ways you can throw the best winter party.

How to host an exceptional business party with AS Special Events Part 2

Avoid generic and promotional items in the Tent rental Toronto region, but also try to keep within the budget. There are company members that would greatly support the idea of food drives, among other charitable functions, and everyone involved in the event will be able to do so should they choose this route so that they can extend their generosity beyond the venue. A good way to do this is to incorporate a charity and grant them the opportunity to be the guests of honour. Thus, in order to do so, then it is imperative that the hosts give their company members an incentive to attend the event. This incentive could entail a service, such as sending taxi drivers for key members so that they need not be concerned about commuting to the venue themselves. To encourage networking between them, perhaps suggest that they arrive at the event together. Even though it may seem overwhelming, it is always a good idea to send out an amount of invitations that may very well exceed the venue limit, as, statistically, there is often a higher turnover, but usually not to the maximum. Make sure stay in touch and follow up with personal assistants during the week before the event to ensure that any potential discrepancies are prevented or cleared up beforehand. The venue setup should be conducive to mingling opportunities among the guests. In order to encourage networking between company departments and the varying levels of employees, place small tables everywhere in the space that allow for intimate conversations. AS Special Events can help with this, as they provide table rental services. Try not to have too many that fill up the room, however, as the guests should be able to move around freely and meet other attendees, so be sure to offer enough space and time for them to do so. Remember that business must not be dismissed, even in a casual environment. One must always consider the potential for public relations. Events then, while enjoyable, should also necessarily be incorporated into the company’s marketing strategy. The event can commemorate a launch, for example, bringing more publicity to the company’s marketing strategy and further strengthen public relations. Events are also an ideal opportunity to market, advertise and sell products or services, as well as building brand awareness, building relations, and even lend themselves to potential client meetings all in one place. These goals highlight the reasons why hosts must strive to organize high-end events in order to suppress any potentially negative misconceptions that people (and especially clientele) may have about their company’s brand. It does not stop at the simpler errands, such as a table rental. Executives need not dismiss reception that they receive about their brand; they must always take perceptions into consideration and then coordinate with their event planner to impress their guests. It is better to invest in a party rental than to treat the event as an opportunity to develop the staff’s planning and organizational skills, as this approach will likely prove to be stressful. Always hire professionals in the tent rentals North York area as they know how to manage budgets in the best way possible. They will recruit the best suppliers for the event, whether they are for tent rentals or any other service – AS Special Events will accomplish all these tasks and more. Finally, keep in mind that the event is not yet complete, even when the last guest leaves the venue for the evening. Following up with guests and contributors after the event is imperative in creating and maintaining solid relationships and reinforcing the core values and principles demonstrated at the event.


How to host an exceptional business party with AS Special Events Part

It is important for corporate executives to develop strong relations with their partners, employees and clients, and hosting a successful event is one way to positively shape their first impressions. AS Special Events provides all the guidelines that are necessary for every executive to follow in order to ensure a seamlessly organized event in the party rental Toronto area. The main focus, of course, should be on the guests. One must keep in mind their expectations, and how they will likely respond to every decision made, just as might they do while on the job. For them, the location of the event will be extremely important, as with everything else business-related. There is a high probability that the many of the guests will not have met one another, since they normally may only need to make specific connections for their work. However, this all changes once they exit the workplace and enter a new environment void of invisible boundaries between them. Working with AS Special Events will guarantee visionary creation. The look of the venue alone will not suffice; there must be an attraction(s) that will appeal to the guests, and that will especially reflect the company’s brand. Regardless of the occasion, every corporate event serves as an ambassador of the corporation. Simplicity and consistency are definitely solid attributes for any company to uphold, but it is nevertheless logic to consider the types of services that will be available at the venue and its overall aesthetics. Every aspect of the event must reflect the core values and principles of the company’s brand, and they must be executed with subtlety and creativity. With regards to the latter attribute, every business professional knows that creativity is at the forefront of any marketing strategy. Just like how research and focus groups are conducted in order to keep up with current trends, the same applies to event planning. It is wise to pay attention to what the competition is planning for their events, and in response, one must plan something truly unique to make an event memorable and the recurring topic for discussion. Creativity, surprises and well-judged personal touches will all pay off. Consider running activities in which the guests find appealing and may not have the opportunity to participate regularly. The best way to do this is to think about the corporation’s culture. In photography, for example, this could be anything from professional portraits to photo booths complete with costumes and props.  The most effective events focus on the contributors, and in the case of a special occasion, such as a holiday, the entertainment. If the event in question is, in fact, a holiday party, then it is important to give the attendees a spectacle. Remember, however, that there is no all-purpose attraction; various functions may need to be taken into consideration in order to appease various groups of people at the event in the party rental Toronto district. One idea is to run a prize draw, or to hand out prizes at the door, depending on the guests’ preferences. Choose a method to win that corresponds to the company’s culture, such as a contest or a ticket draw. Holidays are characterized by the notion of giving back. If a holiday party is in the works, then consider giving back to employees as well as society. Employees especially want to feel valuable, so gifts would make for a thoughtful gesture. Proceed by reading “How to host an exceptional business party with AS Special Events Part 2” for more expert tips.

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