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Extravagant Party Themes

A few years back I had a roommate that loved themed parties. Toga parties, board game parties, astronauts and aliens. I particularly liked the last one, since I am a foreigner I pulled of the illegal alien act quite well. She was so serious that any gathering of a dozen people or more, had to have a theme, no surprise, Halloween was her favourite time of the year. Whenever we threw one of these bashes at our apartment, I would closely observe my friends. They would turn their places upside down looking for something that would prevent them from looking completely buffoonish. If all else fails, go to the closest tent rentals Toronto store. Nowadays themed parties are all the rage, all the cool kids are doing it. So there are some essential supplies every such store should have in stock that meets the needs of all their customers.


Pet Costumes: Canadians spend more money of their pets than any other nationality. In Vancouver, ‘bring your bunny to yoga’ is becoming quite popular and almost everyone I have recently met has mentioned the cat cafe. It is no surprise that the frequency of costumed pet parties are going up. It is only natural for props stores to be well stacked with easy to wear and comfortable gear for our feline and canine party goers. Just the other day a friend of mine picked up a recherche Krypto the super dog cape for his dog. It is a thing these days.


Period Pieces: According to Martha Stewart Living, 2015’s most common themes for adult parties were period themes. The 20’s, through the swinging 60’s, to the grunge of the 90’s, party goers are developing a taste for rekindling memories of the past. So every party rental store should have decorations and costumes to mimic different time periods. From gowns to posters, to old cocks and may be even an old jukebox. Items that really set the tone for your party.


Movie Themes: Movie themed parties will always be around. There is a Harry Potter bar downtown, the electronic music producer Darth Vader uses a millennium falcon turntable. Movie franchises dictate pop culture, you cannot be a serious player in the props rental industry if you do not have ample material from some of the biggest movie series. The new Stars Wars smashed the 3 billion mark like it was chump change. As long as big budget movies are around, there will be parties following closely behind.


Music Pieces: There are a lot of tent rentals Toronto and party rentals stores that exclusively rent out musical instruments for shows. I use to go to a bar, where every Wednesday, everyone was encouraged to bring an instrument, The whole floor was cleared and there would be little groups in every corner. Some playing jazz, some playing rock and roll and some playing metal. Music themed parties are great fun. Having a little corner in your store that has a portable bass amp, can do wonders for your customer ratings.


Really Adult Gear: Nothing says retro quite like having a black veil at the back of the store, with a sign on it that says ‘over 18 only’. Now you know it is a real party. A lot of people like to think that monogamy is unnatural, they want to celebrate their promiscuity. In actuality, erotic parties are very commonplace. Having a section that has decorations you can put on the wall to get the juices flowing is not such a bad idea. Just make sure all the props are properly sterilized.




Wide Selection of Lights: Gin and soda water gives off an eerie blue glow under black light. Yellow lights can make a room look more transparent, blue on the other hand makes it look more opaque. Our sense of vision is one of our keenest, nothing sets the mood quite like proper lighting.





Princess Theme:


Have you ever thought of doing a princess theme? That’s another well sought out theme that many party rentals Toronto professionals have received questions about. Are you aware of the many ways in which you can decorate your princess themed party? If not, our experts have some great tips for you.

Décor Ideas for a Princess Themed Party

Our party rentals Toronto experts truly believe your princess deserves the best, so it makes the most sense to throw her the best princess themed birthday party. You want to make her feel special and like she is an actual princess. When doing a princess themed party, you should go all out. It’s not just about the tiaras and fancy dresses. You have to create the whole theme and make aspects of the cohesive with the actual party. You want to make her royal dreams come true and make her feel like she’s a princess for the day.

The Invitations

party rentalYou can customize your party invitations to make them fit the princess them that you are trying to create. You want the princess theme to be known to your guests before they even reach the party. This way they know what to expect when they attend and know what to wear and what mood to be in when they arrive. On your invitations you want to make them feel like royalty attending the party. You can use a calligraphist to help you create the invitations or if you’re on a tighter budget, you can print out invitations and use a calligraphy font on them to make them look more royal-like. You could use more terms like “Her Majesty” or “the Royal house of (insert last name here).” And add things like the certain “attire” that the guests should wear to the party. You can even make the invitation look older by dipping the paper in tea water or if you don’t want to go to the extent of doing that, you can dab a wet tea bag on the edges of the paper and then burn them to give it an authentic look.


Colours are Important

You’ll want to use colours that are associated with a princess birthday party like lavender, purple, pink, white, and gold and other colours along that color palate. You could make your house look more like a castle and create flags to go around the house. Many party rentals Toronto professionals would agree that you could use this preparation time to bond with your child and have them add their own spin on their party. You could even wait to create this decoration and have your child’s guests create their own flags to claim as their own during the party. You could event use Photoshop and other picture editing tools to create your own family crests and other sign and symbols for banners and decoration.


The Cake

The cake is one of the most important parts of a party. Because this is a princess party, you’ll probably want to get a princess cake. Don’t be afraid to be very vocal and descriptive with your local bakery about how you want your cake to be. They are there to serve their customers. You also don’t want to be too vague with them about what you want because there is a possibility that you’ll end up with something you don’t love due to lack of communication. Also don’t be afraid to ask how much certain things on the cake will cost before placing an order. You don’t want a simple cake to be an extreme amount of money because you wanted fondant rather than icing.


Throw an Amazing Party!

All in all, you want to throw an amazing party right? Our tent rentals Toronto experts have many more tricks up their sleeve that will leave your guests overwhelmed with joy!

Throw the Best Party!

Throwing a party for adults can be a lot easier than any other party to plan. It’s a lot easier because the guest of honor can be a lot more vocal about exactly what they want for the party or if the party is for a group of adults it’s easier to decide what exactly will be going on at the event. Adults tend to be a lot more flexible with what happens then a teenager or even a child can.


Choose a Date

partyAs many tent rentals Toronto companies know, the first thing you want to do when throwing a party for an adult or a group of adults is choose a date. You want to choose your date when advance so that you’re able to invite all the people that want to come to the party and that you want to have the party. Also having a good amount of time in between when you decide to have the party and when the actual parties going to happen allows you to have a lot of time to plan. It’s also good idea to plan in advance just so that any adults that me be working can get that time off. You also want to be mindful of any possible weather changes or other events that could happen that day when you’re picking a date


What’s Your Budget?

Once you decide on the date you want to decide on your budget. You should know how much money that you are willing to spend on the party and how much money others are able to pitch in. It’s important to decide how much money you’re willing to spend on certain aspects of the party. This includes food, decoration, entertainment and drinks. You also want to figure out if you’re doing any theme and if that theme is possible to create under your budget.


What Type of Party Are You Having?

It could be a birthday party a cocktail party or some sort of special celebration that you’re having or even a friendly get together with your favorite people. Depending on what kind of party it is will determine how you prepare for your party. If you want to have a bigger more lavish party, you’ll want to have enough time to create a party like that.


Who Are You Inviting?

Once you decide what party you’re having, it’s time to figure out who you’re inviting and how many people you’re inviting and the amount of people that show up could depend on things like what time the party is and what kind of party it is. Tent rentals Toronto experts say that once you decide who is coming, immediately send out invitations with clear instructions and information about the party. On your invitation you want to put things like the gate what time the party is happening where the party is happening and any other special instructions that your guests may need.


Entertainment is Crucial

Depending on your party and what kind of party you’re having you want to choose your entertainment wisely. If you’re having a nice girl’s night in, you may want to choose some games that everyone can participate in and that could even remind you guys of memories you share. If you’re having a big extravagant party, you may want to choose more common entertainment that everyone can enjoy like a band or a good DJ.


Have You Ever…

Have you ever thought of running your own party rental business? If so, our Toronto party rental team has some advice for you.

How to Start an Event Rental Service

Starting a Business


Starting a Toronto party rental business in the current economy can be like navigating treacherous seas. I am a firm believer that if you have the right vision and enough commitment you can fashion a successful business in almost any market. How about the party rental industry? Is that something feasible? The party rental industry is a curious case, it can be a way of making money on the side, there are major success stories but it is also an industry with a high turnover rate.



Figure Out Who to Cater To


It is an industry with a lot of little niches to fill. You can just rent out equipment for kid’s birthday parties out of your garage or really go all out and organize warehouse raves. Take Allstar Canada for example, they started renting sound equipment to small shows and now they provide equipment for everything from stage plays to major sporting events. To enter the business you have to have a very clear idea of which sector of the industry you want to set up shop in. If you want to cater to kid’s parties or weddings it is all about the location of the business. You need to have a very close look at the demographics in the area and other competitors in the locality. You need to look for a location where the demographic range is between 30 to 40 years of age and there are not many companies providing similar services. My apartment is near a place on the Danforth called ‘Kids Fun Town’. It is a venue you can rent for children; there are no other places similar to it for ten blocks in either direction. As a result the place is rented out to parties from 9 AM to 9 PM, seven days of the week.


If you want to deal with adult parties the best way to make your mark in the Toronto party rental business is by having unique little gimmicks. When I was in University a couple of friends of mine started a party rental service targeted at underground dubstep producers looking to get exposure. They would rent out a warehouse, sometimes a condo or even some sort of waterfront property. They charged a reasonable door fee and spread the news of the show in a way that gave the impression that it was illegal and very underground. Most of the times they had the proper permits but the aura was that of an illegal event and the people loved them. Themed party rental agencies are also very popular, clever little gimmicks are greatly appreciated by customers and really help you stand out as a business.



In Conclusion


The economy right now really is not ripe to start a business, that being said if you have a solid idea for a party rental agency, go for it. If you do not want to have a go at it full throttle, set up an equipment rental facility for some quick cash on the side. After all, everyone likes to have a good time, any time of the year.


Do you know…


If you’re planning on hosting an event, do you know what you should rent? Do you know what to consider? Our party rentals Toronto experts will discuss this next.

Advice from the Tent Rentals experts on How to Throw a Successful Party for Kids


Parties are great. They bring together friends and family. They allow for comfort and socialization. Although they bring all of these great things they can be incredibly stressful for the party planner. As the host there is a lot of things for you to consider such as how many people are coming to the party what the venue was going to be and what kind of entertainment you going to have. Although it doesn’t sound like a lot it can be a lot of work but once it gets done you’ll be good to go.


Plan in Advance

plan party

When it comes to any party you want to plan carefully in advance. You don’t want to be doing anything last minute whether it’s buying decorations, getting the food or even contacting your tent rentals experts. You’ll want to have everything sorted out so that when the day of the party actually comes you’re not stressed out on if everything is going to make it in time. Do you also want to know how many people are actually coming to the party so you want to send out invitations weeks in advance. This will give people some time to get their schedules in order and RSVP for the party. You may also want to have a guest limit. This way you’re not overwhelmed with the amount of guests you’ll have at your actual party. You also want to add any additional information for the parents in this case to know. This can consist of whether or not the child siblings are allowed to come to the party or if the parents need to stick around. You also want to make a list of the food that you’re going to have with decorations you need and what games will be at the party as well as what your budget will be.

Ask For Help

It’s OK to ask for help. Utilize your family and friends that can help you with the party planning and help you with the things that you might need. Don’t try to run and plan a children’s party by yourself because you’ll end up exhausted and worn out. So have family and friends help you with setting up the party tending to the guests and helping with the cleanup. You can even utilize the child who the party is for. They can help you make the invitations and even set up some of the decorations. This will give the party their own personal touch and make them feel as if it’s really their own. This could also be a fun way for you and your child to bond together.

Set a Time Limit

As many tent rentals professionals know, you will also want to have a time limit for your party. Although the time may run over it’s a good idea to send this in place just so that the parents know when to pick up their child and that you can have some peace of mind of knowing how close you are to not having to take care of everyone’s kids. Having a time limit will eliminate any meltdowns that could possibly happen from a child having to leave earlier than any of the other kids because everyone would be leaving around the same time. It’s also important to schedule the party around your child. If your child still takes naps and you want to make sure to not schedule the party around her naptime so they will be well rested for the party and this will eliminate any tantrums or meltdowns that could possibly happen. You also want to keep the party short especially when involving children. An hour and a half to two hours is enough time for kids to enjoy themselves and exhausted enough to go home peacefully.


The Food



Having foods that cater to kids is also very important. No matter how you eat or what kind of special diet your kid may be on you still want to have the food at your party feel like party food that not only your kid will like but also the other kids. You want to make your party fun which means you also want to make the food at the party fun. You’ll want to try and avoid messy foods so that the kids aren’t getting themselves dirty. Portable foods like chips or pretzels are especially good for kids because they can have fun and even if they do make a mess it’s an easy cleanup. Foods like spaghetti and meatballs are probably not the best idea for a party unless you can watch over every single child. Depending on what type of party are having you can design the foods around the party theme. This just adds to the theme and becomes a multi-functional decoration and food item.


party for teens

You also want to have appropriate games for the children to play. You want to have simple games that they can understand the rules to you and probably avoid competitive games which could result in lots of crying. You’ll also want to make sure that the kids leave the party happy so it may be a good idea to send them away with goodie bags of things to remember the party by.


A Party for Teens

Now that you know how to throw a successful party for kids, we must ask…do you know how to throw a great party for teens? Our table rental team members will discuss this next

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