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When to Use a Party Rental Company

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Throwing a party comes naturally to many people. They just have a natural exuberance that makes them exceptional hosts, they have great taste in decor that appeals to every ones taste and they just know how to have a great time. That being said, self catering is a very stressful job, it requires discipline and exceptional organization skills. In an event where the guest list starts surpassing triple digits, it is recommended that you use a party rental service. Top notch agencies can provide impeccable service and artistic decor to make an event truly memorable. There are many different types of events one comes across in their lifetime, and there are different party rental agencies that suit the needs of every type. When an event becomes overwhelming, it is not a matter of finances, hiring a professional is just something that you have to do. Here are some of the events that you might want a hire professionals for.


Every single bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. Being near perfect is a job description for most wedding planners. With long guest lists, special needs, lighting, table cloth colours, limo service and the wedding band, there are just too many variables to keep a track off by yourself. An event rental agency does this sort of work for a living; it is their job to keep a track of everything for you. This does not even include the large number of plates, glasses, tables and chairs you will need to acquire for the event. When hiring a party rental service for a wedding, be sure of the type of wedding you plan on having. An outdoor wedding is a different kind of event compared to an indoor wedding. Outdoor weddings require the use of tents, which vary in style. Depending on the type of weather you might encounter, you will need fans, portable heaters and air conditioners. If you encounter a sudden downpour, things as inconspicuous as lighting become a potentially deadly health hazard. Pick a company that specializes in outdoor weddings, rain or shine, hale or firestorm. They will be ready to deal with anything.

Baby Showers

Baby showers on the other hand are a little different. The success of a party rental service in the wedding scene may not translate over to baby showers.  The decorations, menu and colour theme of most weddings are very traditional. A baby shower is all about the mother to be and pregnant women have an altered sense of smell, taste and colour schematics. Long story short, professionals that cater to baby showers need a wider range of decorative artistry. They need a broader idea, when it comes to aspects like the menu and colour scheme. A professional will know how to please any new mother to be and design a party that will be especially uplifting.

Catered Events

For catering events you do need a bit of help. For starters, if it is a large event you will need certified food handlers, warming trays and other kitchen appliances that are designed to handle large volumes of perishables. If it is just a small gathering of a dozen people, it is just better to do it yourself.

Concerts and Carnivals

This is another niche in the party rental business and it is very different from weddings and catering events. First off, the type of equipment you need is completely different. You need experienced stage builders, concession equipment, crisp audio systems and immiscible surroundings. Travelling carnivals usually cater to themselves; however, if a township wants to through an event for the locals, it is always better to hire a reputable company. These events require a different level of management and organization when compared to weddings. The stage for example, depending on the type of concert, the stage has to be altered. A free flowing rock band will require a large, solid, structurally sound platform. A DJ on the other hand, will need less space, so a more compact design is preferable, allowing more room for the audience. For events like these, you need to hire a company that has a very knowledgeable grasp of audio equipment and a very thorough understanding of decibels (db), watts, make and model. The sound at a rock concert can be as high as 130 db; there are speakers in existence with subwoofers that can produce 10,000 watts. You would not want that kind of equipment at an auction. Another major aspect to consider at such events is safety. At a carnival, you need certified technicians to step up attractions and rides. A good company has a list of their own certified contacts. An auction may put up items of serious value, antique jewellery, valuable artwork, items of great historical significance.

Corporate events and Meetings

Corporate events are an important component for a multitude of businesses, organizations and companies all throughout the year. This could range everywhere from employee appreciation nights, to staff events, to events that will lead to multimillion dollar deals. This is not like a wedding or a concert; it has to be fun while still being business like. Here, the trick is all about generating the right ambiance. It is about finding the right balance between enjoyment and professionalism. In a lot of cases, the successes of such events are imperative. A professional will know what lighting to use. If you hire an expert, even the podium and chairs will be tailored for maximum efficiency.

Residential Events

Residential includes mostly in house birthday parties, garage sales and barbecues. Even if it is a large event, the target audience tends to be more laid back and the event itself is normally smaller when compared to other bashes on the list. This is something you might want to tackle yourself, unless you are swamped with work, tired and quite simply, lack the functionality to arrange a party. Hiring an expert for a birthday is always a good idea. The service has numerous props and equipment that appeases both adults and children. Kid’s parties can become a bit of a whirlwind and it is always nice to have a bit of extra help. Themed events can also be included in this category, since most of them tend to be of a personal nature. Experts can provide the right props to really make the event come alive. In the last half a decade or so, themed parties have gained great popularity and in some cases notoriety.

In Conlusion

There are many different types of events that have to be organized throughout the course of the year and there are many specialized experts in each field. Whether you are throwing an extravagant wedding or a posh VIP only grand opening, an expert gives you that freedom, that piece of mind.

Party Rentals Toronto: Spring Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower is almost as exciting as staring your newborn right into their eyes the very moment they are placed into your hands. Spring themed baby showers are extremely fun to both plan and attend. As your party rentals Toronto experts, we have decided to provide you with some of the most popular baby showers themes that are used during the spring season.

Bee Themed Party Rentals

A Bee themed baby shower is a great way to express your love for spring through your décor. There are many items available at local party rentals Toronto stores that will assist you with the entire decoration process. For this specific theme, make use of colours black and yellow. This represents the appearance of a bee as well as the bright yellow sun in the spring time.

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Nautical Themed Party Rentals

Creating a nautical look is a great way to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! You can create loot bags that have boats and stripes on them. Allow your guests to feel like they are about to sail away to the best baby shower of the year by making the outside of your tent look like a boat.

Lady Bug Themed Party Rentals

The lady bug theme is extremely popular for the mothers who know they are having a girl. The beautiful clash of black and red is very welcoming and will create a positive atmosphere for your party. When you are shopping for party rentals in Toronto, stick to the red and black theme. You can also incorporate some white for added elegance.

Baby Elephant Themed Party Rentals

Baby elephants are an ultimate favourite! They are extremely cute and can easily enhance the look of any baby shower. You can include some edible baby elephant treats on the following desserts:

  • Cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Ice cream
  • Cookies

In addition to this, you can rent dishes and place some mini elephant sculptures on top of them.

Sunflower Themed Party Rentals

What better way is there to represent spring than incorporating some sunflowers into your baby shower? Whether you decide to rent plastic or real sunflowers, the appearance alone will grant you with amazing results. If you are not too knowledgeable about how to decorate flowers, you can always hire an expert florist.

Party Rental

Party Rentals Toronto Services

There have been many party rental services put in place in order to assist you with planning the best event. Whether you want to host the most elegant spring wedding, or just a simple family event, you are in good hands once you have been connected with some of Toronto’s best party rental companies. By contacting an expert today, you are one step away from hosting the event of your dreams.

How to Host the Most Elegant Spring Wedding

The dream of every bride is to host an elegant wedding that presents guests with stupendous views and unforgettable experiences. Our wedding rental Toronto specialists know exactly what you need in order to host a wedding that will present you with nothing but positive results.

Wedding Attire

The Bride: Many brides opt for white when they are in the process of shopping for the perfect wedding dress. Although that is absolutely fine, you should step outside of the box and wear a bright colour that will complement the beautiful greenery around you. Our experts suggest wearing a dress that is lightly shaded. To go with the spring theme, many wedding rental Toronto experts agree that light pink is the most attractive colour.

The Groom: dressing the groom in ultimately easier than dressing his bride to be. Try to find a tuxedo that is white –and steer away from black. Again, let’s try stepping outside of the box!

Brides’ Maids and Grooms: Choosing who your brides’ maids and grooms are going to be is definitely easier than dressing them! To simplify the process of frantically searching for what colour to wear, you should stick to a generic shade that is highly favoured during the spring season. Here are some ideas in terms of colours:

  • Light orange
  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Light yellow

Chair Layout

One of the most popular chairs during the spring season is the Chiavari Chair. Above the many chairs that we offer, many people have ordered our Resin Crystal Chiavari Chair. For added elegance, and to tie into the spring theme, place a flower on the back end of the chair. Here’s an example of how beautiful the Resin Crystal Chair looks at a spring wedding:


A centrepiece is an item that automatically catches the attention of many people. In fact, your centrepiece is one of the most important decorative items that will be in use during your wedding. With that being said, it is extremely imperative for you to ensure to order centre pieces that are relevant to the overall spring theme. Choosing to display a flower centrepiece is always a great idea. You can either order one huge centrepiece for the middle of the table, or individual flower centerpieces that will form a line along the middle of any rectangular table.

The Ceremony

Have your flower girl carry a wooden basket that is filled with beautiful white flower petals. While she is walking down the aisle, have her gently throw the petals into the air so that they elegantly land on the grass.

You should have some flowers already laid out on the ground so that the spring scene is already set for your guests.

The Tent

Last but most certainly not least, you need an extravagant tent. Our frame tents have been sought out by thousands of people across the GTA due to beautiful look in which they display. When it comes to designing your frame tent, use spring-friendly items such as:

  • Flowers
  • Crystals
  • Jewels
  • Greenery
  • Hearts

Understanding how to plan an event is a huge bonus.

Advice From the Best Event Planners in the Industry

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Have you ever wondered how the top event planners have the ability to organize a large variety of successful events? Do you know what it takes in order to run an event that ends up being a huge success? Our party rental experts understand how important it is for your event to receive positive results, and so, we have reached out to some of top party planners in order to see how they effectively do their job.

After speaking to tons of party planners, we realized there was one word that was mentioned over ten times by each person, and that word was, “organization.” Before you even think of the many ways in which you can run an event, you must ensure you are capable of being organized. Let’s be honest, not every person is fit for every roll in the party rental industry. Some people are more organized than others. Studies show that most event planners are woman due to the fact that they have better organization and multitasking skills in comparison to men. Now that we have covered the main skill you need in order to plan an event, we’ll move on to tip number two.

You need to give yourself enough time to plan your event. Regardless of the amount of people you have helping you, you must ensure your goal is realistic. To be realistic, you need about 2-3 weeks to actually plan a party. Some of the top event planners told us that they give themselves 4 weeks or more in some cases, especially if they’re planning a wedding.

Another imperative tip is knowing how to promote your event. If the event is private, then you can simply send invitations via email or text. However, if it public, then you can hire a promoter or invite people through the major social media channels; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Hiring a promoter is probably your best bet if you’re not too familiar with social media or if you don’t have a lot of tech savvy friends. The price for promoting a party varies drastically. Some people charge per hour, whereas other will just charge per day. Look up some of the top promoters and see what they can do for you in terms of pricing. Some of them offer deals depending on the season. In the summer time, the price for promoting a party increases by about 30%. Once the word is out there about your event, you should ensure all of the people involved in your party are still on the same boat as you.

As mentioned above, organization is key. According to the event planners that we spoke to, one of the main reasons for failed events is the fact that the host doesn’t communicate properly with the others that are involved. If you have certain performances happening, always ensure those people are ready to present. It’s always best to have a few rehearsals before the actual event. That’ll give you a chance to see how the live event will actually be. Last but not least, make sure you have a list of all of your rental items. Your local rental company should know the exact amount of items you need and where you need them. In order to receive the best results from your party, remain calm and always remember that organization is extremely important.

Summer is approaching! Do you know how to plan the perfect pool party?

Summer Pool Party Tips

When the sun starts shining, spirits rise and people want to enjoy themselves. There’s no better way to do that than to host a fantastic pool party!

Tent rental Toronto companies have received an immense amount of inquires for pole tents, specifically for people who are hosting a pool party. A pole tent is great because it provides your guests with shade, and still allows the fresh air to enter and circulate throughout its body. Pole tents can be securely drilled into the ground and they are normally set up and taken down by the rental experts.

Along with your tent, you should have some fun games set up. Your guests most likely want to do more than just swim and chat; they want to have fun too. Set up volleyball net in the pool so that they can have a quick game. Another great game is basketball; you really can’t go wrong with that! Your local tent rental Toronto professionals have a vast variety of rental equipment that is suited for fun pool parties.

Apart from games, you can have some entertainment and great music. Seeing how the sun is shining, play some music that is uplifting and fun. Try not to play slow songs that will eventually put people to sleep. Live performances are always fun at pool parties. You can look up a local band or even some upcoming artists and see if they’d be available to show up at your party. People are looking to have a good time, so, they’ll pretty much be okay with whatever you play.

When it comes to your menu, it’s best to have a vast variety of finger foods. Burgers, hotdogs and chicken are amongst some of the most popular foods for pool parties. You don’t want to give out anything that will be too heavy on your guest’s stomach. After all, they’ll be dancing and swimming half the time.

Choosing a theme for your pool party is also a great idea. Keep in mind that the idea of a pool party is for people to feel lively and care free. In saying that, some great ideas for themes include; Hawaii theme, celebrity party, all white, and disco. Set a dress code that’s most interesting and different so that your guests can get creative. You could even have a best dressed contest and give out a prize to the person who looks the ultimate best.

To make it even more interesting, allow your guests to vote amongst themselves. The overall process of planning a pool party should be fun! Try not to stress too much and remain calm even when you feel like things may be falling apart. The great thing about a pool party is that it’s already fun without you having to do much. Just keep your guests entertained and ensure they aren’t full or thirsty 24/7. Speaking of thirst, always ensure you have enough water and other refreshments for your guests to drink. They will definitely get thirsty as the sun continuously beats on their bodies.

Learning how to plan the best barbeque is also a bonus as the summer months are quickly approaching. If you don’t think you’re the best party planner, you can always call on a professional for assistance, or ask some of your friends to volunteer. No matter what, the help will always be there.

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