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Wedding Rentals Toronto: How to Pick a Menu for Your Wedding

Wedding Rentals Toronto

How to Pick a Menu for Your Wedding

As many wedding rentals Toronto professionals have said, picking the menu for a wedding can be tricky. You can have basics like lasagna as the main course or you can import a rare kind of fish from half way across the world. If you have small guest list, your friends and family could pool their collective skills together. The fact of the matter is, it is your big day and no one will hold it against you if you want to have a backyard barbeque and serve hot dogs. Even then, no couple wants to be remembered as the ones who had terrible food at their wedding. According to wedding rentals Toronto experts, the menu really depends on the catering option you go with.

Plan Your Wedding Reception

Before picking a menu for the wedding, decide on the reception first. A reception is fairly simple; you can do it on a budget and still be really innovative. You can hold it at a nice brewery or an elegant cafe. You can also hold an intimate backyard dinner if you have a small guest list. When it comes to food and the event itself, the reception is where you look to economize, and the main wedding is where you look to splash the cash. A good wedding reception for 30-50 people can be done for anywhere from $500 to $1000. The wedding is where the real money has to be spent.

Wedding Menu Options

Catering service: If you are using a separate catering service which is different from the venue’s, the costs will be much higher. This is due to the fact that they have to come and set up shop at your location. They have to bring their equipment, man power and services to you. There is an added labour charge associated with the move.

In-house: If you are using the in-house catering service it will be a lot cheaper. Usually they have rental packages that include the cost of the space and any support staff and catering you might need. Depending on the type of venue and the type of food you order, catering accounts for over 1/3 of the cost of the wedding. It can range anywhere from $5000 to $20000.

Do-it-yourself: The most effective way of being economical is by cooking the menu at home. If a group of family members or friends are adept at handling themselves in the kitchen, it might not be such a bad idea if your budget is strained. A self catered event can serve 150 to 200 people for under $3000. As long as the food looks fancy and your guests can stomach it with a smile, you should be fine. With food it is more about presentation than anything else.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Cake

Speaking of style over substance, the wedding cake has absolutely nothing to do with the taste; it is all about the looks. It needs to have a sense of simplicity while still beaming with an aura of grandeur. Luckily, every single bakery has their own line of wedding cakes; there are also specialized bakeries that just bake cakes for weddings. The prices vary depending on the size, type of cake and factors such as real flowers versus plastic one. The reality is that you can easily find a cake that has the perfect combination of affordability and beauty. It will cost you around $300 for a cheaper option and around $800 for something a bit flashier.

Picking your menu pretty much depends on the type of catering you choose, the best bet is to pick the venue wisely and go with the in-house service.

How Can A Tent Rental Make Your Family Reunion Special?

Tent rentals Toronto

A family reunion is one of the best ways to make your whole family feel special, and to gather them together in between weddings. You can catch up with relatives you haven’t seen for years, and throw a fantastic party in the meantime. Hiring a high quality tent from a Tent rentals Toronto store is a great way to ensure that your guests have a great time, and add a level of class to any event. There are a number of ways in which an elegant tent will make your family reunion feel extra special.

Host Your Reunion Outdoors

In most cases, summertime is the best time to throw your reunion. However, summer weather, especially in Ontario, is unpredictable at best. This drives many people inside for their reunions. Renting a hall or ballroom can be costly, and seem too formal and stiff for the casual atmosphere a family reunion often demands. Renting a tent from a Tent rentals Toronto expert gives you the freedom to book an outdoor venue, and gives much needed protection from a variety of weather conditions.

Protection From The Elements

Family members who are very young, or who are elderly, will be very appreciative of the shade a tent rental provides. Other family members too will be happy you thought ahead and rented a tent to provide additional relief from the sun. Tent rentals also provide a shelter from light rain, in the event you are caught by surprise. Some tents even have sides that come down and can zip up, giving additional protection against the wind and driving rain.

Tons Of Options

When you book a family reunion in a hall or ballroom, there are limited options for activities and decorations. Hosting your event outdoors gives you the ability to plan for a ton of different activities, ensuring that family members of all ages are entertained. In addition, there are many different styles and models of tents available for rental, allowing you the freedom to choose one in keeping with your overall theme and atmosphere.
Learn how to make wedding invites on a budget. 


Renting a tent also allows you the freedom to put seating just about anywhere, both under the canopy and outside. This allows for family members who may not get along to be seated far apart from one another, ensuring the overall peace and fun atmosphere your family reunion deserves. When people are confined to rooms, it can be hard to ensure that family members are separated. With an outdoor reunion, and the comfort a tent provides, you can be sure those members stay apart without assigning a third party to babysit.

Variety of Food Options

Another perk of hosting your reunion outside under a tent is the wide variety of choice you have in deciding which food to offer. Many outdoor venues also have barbeques, which will allow you to bring your own food, cutting down dramatically on food costs. You can also allot more space to a food table, which will let you offer more choices to your guests and can accommodate food sensitivities and allergies.


As long as you aren’t violating any municipal by-laws, hosting your event outdoors with the aide of a tent rental gives you the freedom to make more noise. Noisy indoor events are not fun for anyone, even the people making the noise often leave with headaches or other complaints afterwards. Hosting your family reunion outdoors means that your family members, especially the younger children, can feel free to run around, laugh, and make as much noise as they want without worrying about ruining the day for anyone else.

How to make wedding invites on a budget?

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Preparing your invites can be a surprisingly expensive aspect of your wedding. It can set you back a few thousand dollars if you are going for grandeur. Most couples prefer having a physical copy of the invite because they may want to hang on to it for future memories. When either you or a wedding tent rentals Toronto expert is preparing your invitations, the cost depends on:

  • The type of paper used
  • The level of artistry you want
  • The number of cards you want printed

However, the main expense boils down to the avenue you chose.

Wedding Designers: Wedding designers have a wide range of templates and know the most popular types of wedding invitations couples like to use. You will get the best available quality and service. However, this comes at a price. A well established wedding tent rentals Toronto store will charge around 1000 dollars per 100 invites, this can go up to as much as 3000 dollars. If you are looking to invite a few hundred people, this will set your budget back a couple of notches.

Stationary Store: The second option is to use a stationary store. Stationary stores always have promotions and seasonal discounts you can take advantage of. Another benefit is that they have experience making different kinds of invitations. So you have a greater pool of ideas being thrown into the hat. If you are using a large stationary store, they may have several designers. So again, there are multiple brains with a multitude of ideas that you can pick and choose from. It is also cheaper than using a specialized wedding designer. Again depending on the type of paper and other common factors, each card can cost between 5 to 7 dollars. Now both the wedding designer and the store have different rates if you have them post it. Have a look at how much they charge and see if it will be more beneficial to mail it yourself. If you have a small guest list, you can have wedding invitations that are beautiful yet affordable.

Do you know how to create an event budgeting template?

Online Invitation: The third option is to use online designers. A recent survey showed that 70% of guests do not mind receiving a wedding invitation online. Only 3 out of 10 people think that a wedding invitation should be a hard copy. You can use this to trim your costs. You will still have access to a professional graphics designer and you can get as many as 300 invites done for a 1000 dollars. The last path to take is the do-it-yourself invite. The cost behind this depends completely on you. If you have a friend who is a graphics designer, you can take their help, you get to pick the type of paper yourself and handle the duty of postage. If you are looking to pour most of the budget into the wedding, you can opt for the DIY online version. If you know someone who is fairly competent with graphics, take their help and just send out a few hundred invites at the bare minimum of cost. This may sound tacky but as mentioned before, the majority of your guests do not really care and you have more to spend on the wedding.

Going with a do-it-yourself online invitation saves you the most on your wedding invitations. You can also hire a professional graphics designer that is also an affordable option. It is always a good idea to have a few printed copies for elderly guests and of course, one for you to frame and hang on the wall.

Then again, you might want a few hundred, gold embroidered papyrus invitation cards, if so, it will send you back a few bucks.

How to create an event budgeting template

Planning an event can be extremely hectic and highly stressful. If you are hiring a professional to help you, it might not be so bad. However, if you are self catering, the whole procedure could be a sheer nightmare. You can get around it if you plan everything out from the get go. Creating a budget should always be the first step when you are planning an event. Tent rentals Toronto experts say that the hardest part of a budget is to include a line item for everything you will need. This is the most important aspect to creating a realistic budget for your party. The template for an event budget is quite simple; you can either use Microsoft excel or Google Docs.

These aspects should be included in every budget template:

No.1: Your template should have columns with all the details you will need to plan the event, such as items, actual cost etc. According to the tent rentals Toronto professionals, any details of the budget that needs special attention should be highlighted or should be tagged with a note. When creating the budget, include everything and anything where money could be spent.

No.2: Each item should have a description section directly beside it. For example, the venue item should have a description of the maximum capacity of visitors and maximum percentage of funds you can allocate towards it.

No.3: If you are organizing a large event and you have people helping you out, include a tasks section in your template. This shows exactly who is in charge of what and ensures that no one skips out on their responsibilities. It also brings more cohesion to the planning team.

No.4: The template should include a final estimated cost and a final actual cost; both of which are a result of all the research you conducted on all the items on your list. Both the final and estimated budget should always be below the total available funds. Before you create this section, you should what the average costs of wedding and event rental items are. When you are using Microsoft excel and Google Docs, calculate the difference between estimated cost, actual cost and available budget. Every template should have this. It is commonly referred to as the safety net. It is the key to organizing a successful event! The safety net is the available funds you have so that you can deal with unforeseen events. Last minute, unexpected expenses could ruin a possibly stellar event. In any budget, 10% of the available funds should be allocated to the safety net. If you are savvy with Excel, you can set up the template in such a way that you receive notifications when the budget is tilting in an undesired direction.

There are also little things to remember when creating your template:

  • Have a section for taxes; it is a big expense which is often overlooked.
  • For particular events, you may need a projected power section. With a lot of lighting and sound systems, this is one of those unforeseen expenses that could break the bank.
  • Always calculate staff expenses based on the maximum number of attendees.

This is what every single event budget template should include and how it should be structured. For particularly large events, using Excel or Docs may prove to be problematic. For this reason, there are specific event budgeting systems that are made to simplify the process. It is also wise to hire an expert party planner.

The average cost of Wedding Rental Items

When you are planning your big day, impulse may get the best of you and you may end up going over the top. How much could it possibly cost? According to the BMO investor line, the average cost of a wedding in Canada is $18, 300. However, CBC found that this number is inaccurate. After surveying 2,309 newlyweds, the figure including the cost of the honeymoon was found to be over $31,000. It is not surprising that the wedding rentals Toronto field is a 5 billion dollar industry. With such high numbers, numerous party rental companies have popped up. After all, weddings require numerous rented items and services such as:

  • Chairs, tables and other furniture
  • Glasses, plates, cutlery in general
  • Decorations
  • Tents (Outdoor wedding)
  • Venue

So how much will each of these items cost you?

Furniture: Simple plastic folding chairs will cost around $1.25 a chair; a complimentary 4 foot long rectangular table will cost around $6 each. This is the cheapest dinner seating arrangement available. Most people consider this look to be tacky and prefer the wooden chairs and tables. A wooden chair, or a classy bamboo chair with padded cushions usually go for $3 each and the corresponding circular wooden table with a 48 inch diameter cost around $7.  As seen on many wedding rentals Toronto websites, the 60 inch table which seats around 8 people will go for $11 each, the pricier seats are straight-backed ball room chairs which cost about $8 each. There are options party rental companies have that will really break the bank, if you are looking for period piece, decorative chairs, you can get them. Just be ready to shell out a minimum of $75 per chair. Linen is usually considered to be part of the furniture package and a tablecloth will cost 0.25 cents per napkin, $5 for a tablecloth and 20$ for the banquet version. These are the basic costs of the furniture which will be similar for every party rental company but when hiring such a company watch out for additional costs. A lot of companies, will charge a deliver cost, like 0.25 cents per unit, or will charge gas or in some instances for labour. When renting furniture, go with the company that gives the best deal based on bulk. Most companies will offer a deal, based on how much volume you are looking to rent.

Cutlery and flat wear: A lot of people will argue that you can easily use disposable cutlery or purchase them for cheaper rather than renting. In all honesty, if you have a big wedding, what will you do with all those plates and glasses afterwards? As for disposable items, unless you are strapped for cash, you do not want to serve your guests wine in bright red beer cups. The costs of plates, forks, spoons and glasses all depend on the type of merchandise you want to use. Expensive dinner sets start at $10 per piece and can be as high as $25 per piece. The cheaper stainless steel forks and simple plates will cost as little as $5 per piece. Again, similar to the furniture, a party rental company will offer discounts depending on the volume.

Decorations: Most wedding rental companies specialize in supplying unique wedding decorations which leave a lasting impression on the guests. In fact renting wedding decorations often involve the highest rental costs. Flower arrangements start from $70 per arrangement. Fake flowers are much cheaper and range between $5 to $10. LED lighting arrangements range from $1 to $3 per arrangement. The thing with wedding decorations is, rental prices depend on the type of theme and style you are looking for. Depending on your aesthetic preferences the whole set can range anywhere from $1,200 to $35,000 dollars.

Venue: Renting a venue usually accounts for around 1/3 of the cost of the wedding. The cost of renting a venue all comes down to the capacity of the wedding. Whether you are having an outdoor wedding for which you need to get tents or renting a community centre, it all comes down to the size of the set up. For tents you can chose between either a pole or a frame tent, the rental depends on hours and includes environment control equipment like fans and heaters, lighting and sometimes labour. Small tents cost as little as $500 and it can be as high as $5,000 depending on type, size and add-ons. The flooring for tents range from $1- $2.50 per square foot, and that is if you chose to have a type of flooring rather than going natural and just having grass. For community centres, location is everything. You can rent a small space and cover your catering separately for anywhere between $300 to $900. If you are looking for a water front venue which includes in-house catering, it can cost as much as $50,000 for the event.

A wedding rental company can practically offer you anything you want, and it’s important to know when you should use one. You can rent a wedding drone for $300 an hour to take aerial wedding photos. You can hire a social media specialist for $3000 to supplement your social media with live tweets and Facebook status updates. The advantage of having such a wide variety of services is that you will find a party rental company that meets your financial needs. If worse comes to worse and you cannot wait to be tied to your one, true love, you can always take a 100 dollar bill and run down to city hall.

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