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Elegant and Easy Wedding Rentals in Toronto

Soft. Romantic. Elegant. These are the kind of words that any bride or groom would love to hear when it comes to their special day. With quality wedding rentals Toronto couples can find the right kind of backdrop for an easy and elegant event. Nothing says a gorgeous and divine wedding celebration more than fine white china, beautiful floral centerpieces, and soft candlelit tables. Make sure you choose your décor wisely, not only for your own benefit, but the benefit of your family and friends as well. With a variety of party rental supplies available, such as table rentals, tent rentals, elegant decorations, and custom centerpieces, any outdoor wedding celebration can truly be brought to life, for you and your guests alike.


Wedding Tent Rentals

Your wedding party needs to have the right amount of space, so all of your guests can mingle and enjoy your special day as much as you will. Make sure you choose the best kind of tent for the size of your guest list, as well as the one most appropriate for the weather and location. Choose a 20’ x 60’ size, or one even larger, for tent rentals to accommodate over a hundred guests more comfortably. Add sidewalls to help block any wind and to keep your tables nice and tidy. The best tent rentals Toronto couples need for a memorable event are the ones that make the party more comfortable for you and your guests.


Table Numbers and Wedding Favors

Make sure your guests are seated appropriately and the tables are all decorated with a classy and memorable touch. Table rentals that can comfortably accommodate your guests are important, as are the people who are seated there. Table numbers are a necessary and simple way to add some elegance and fun to your event. Try using unique place cards and different designs for everyone’s name, so your guests can find their tables in a distinctive style. Wedding favors add perhaps the greatest personal touch to the guest experience, and choosing your favors is also an important task. Think about adding an elegant personal touch to your wedding favors, like a silver photo keychain or an engraved wine stopper.


Party Rentals and Custom Centerpieces


The classic, effortless look of your wedding design can create a breath-taking environment for the celebration of your union that everyone can enjoy. With party rentals and wedding rentals Toronto residents can be confident in, the wedding celebration can be even easier to plan. Make use of elegant finishes with quality party rental supplies like specialty glassware or Damask linens. You can choose white Chiavari chairs for a more refined dining experience, with a variety of table rentals to compliment your elegant style. Top of the tables with customized centerpieces that reflect the romantic mood of the evening. Choose a variety of flowers and vases that fits your personal style. For a more modern look, try using all white flowers in a clear rectangular vase, and adding colored marbles at the base for a pop of color. Elegant centerpieces can add the eye-catching detail your tables need.


Whether formal or informal, your wedding reception should be a romantic and elegant occasion, where you and your guests can enjoy the special moment. For all the party rental services and wedding rentals Toronto couples can be sure will provide the elegant look they want, contact AS Special Events today!

Holiday Events and Party Rentals

With the holidays fast approaching, planning your annual holiday party may be a hot item on your list of things to do. With so many festive trends and decorating options, designing a holiday event can quickly become a confusing process. Don’t let the stress get the best of you, and try to find some creative ideas to motivate your design. Create the best party of the year with the unique and fun party rentals you want, as well as the tent rentals and table rentals you need to stage your next holiday gathering.


Here are several holiday trends and decorative ideas to inspire all of your party rental planning, so your décor will be a hit with guests of all ages.


Create A Festive Tablescape

Plan a “tablescape” with fun and festive touches of decoration and design. For a timeless and rustic autumn look, decorate your tables with natural materials and seasonal accents, and create patches of rocks, acorns, and leaves. Use the colors of the changing season as the accents for your décor, and mix together neutral tones like brown and beige with yellows, oranges and reds. For winter themes, use crisp whites, snowflake shapes, and silver glitter to liven up the table. Party rentals can provide colorful or patterned linens and tablecloths, and create specifically themed centerpieces. Check out the many options you have with a large variety of table rentals, and be sure to choose the ideal size and space to stage all your festive décor.


Use Folded and Fun Shaped Napkins

This is an easy idea that can bring a lot of fun to the dining table. With quality and colorful materials, folding festive shapes can be a fun way to add a conversation starter to the room. With the help of a quick napkin-folding tutorial, it can be simple to create some fun and festive napkins for your holiday party. If you want quality linens for your next holiday event, contact the party supply specialists at AS Special Events for all the party rentals Toronto residents need for some added festive fun.


Put Festive Desserts on Decorated Serving Trays

If you are planning to throw a cocktail event or a business holiday party, a fun way to add some festive decoration is with the deserts. With so many options for sweet holiday treats, take the festivities even further and hand out the desserts on decorated serving trays. Lay down paper cutouts of complimentary shapes and large confetti with words for the occasion (being careful not to use anything that can be easily consumed) on the bottom of the trays, or use a small festive centerpiece with the desserts arranged around it. For Toronto party rentals, there are many choices for serving trays, with elegant Hor D’oeuvres trays, stainless steel, or even mirrored platters, for the best compliment to your décor.


With the holidays right around the corner, and a special event on the calendar, be sure to take your party to the next level and use our wide-ranging Toronto party rentals services to provide all the things you need for a perfect event. At AS Special Events, we can provide you with all of your party rentals, tent rentals, table rentals, catering equipment, festive decorations, and so much more!

Top Tips for Party Tent Rentals and Event Planning In Mississauga

Planning an event is often stressful and detailed and time sensitive work that requires knowledge and dedication from the entire team involved in the process. Different kinds of events require different approaches to planning. The right effort, the right help, and a basic understanding of party rental supplies will help to ensure that your next event will be a success.


These are a few things to keep in mind when you are thinking about putting your next event together:


Tent Rentals

This may be your most important decision. Many factors will go into your decision for an event tent. Primarily, it will depend on the time, size, and conditions of the party, as well as the location. If it is going to be an outdoor autumn event, having enclosed tents and tent rentals with heaters might be the best option. If it is a big gathering in warmer weather, larger and open tents may be the right solution. With all of the options available at AS Special Events Party & Tent Rentals, we can help you find the best tent for your party.


Table Rentals

When you are throwing an event with a formal dinner or catered food involved, having the appropriate tables is key to a smooth-running event. Use long rectangular tables for food displays, and a variety of round tables for dining. If you are serving cocktails, you can use tall tables and bar stools for appropriate seating. Less formal events can make use of communal tables or dining areas specifically for children with smaller tables. We have many different table rentals available to create the best dining experience for your party.


Chair Rentals

Selecting your chairs may not seem like the most vital decision for your event, but it can make all the difference in terms of comfort and style. For shorter or informal events, using bench seating or cocktail tables and barstools may be a good choice, providing more chances for guests to mingle and socialize. If you are throwing a longer event or a corporate gathering, use padded chairs with an elegant style to make the best impression with your guests. For the best table rentals and chair rentals for your event, check out our extensive inventory of party rentals Toronto residents can benefit from.



The décor of your event is one of the most important decisions you will make. From the linens to the lighting, the party design should reflect your personality or the theme you would like to represent. Choose a color palette that compliments the event style, with softer pastels for wedding parties or bold colors for business events. For holiday parties like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can use themed decorations and fun designs. Pick a show-stopping centerpiece and lighting fixtures with elegance to create a lasting impression. No matter what you need for decorations and party tent rentals, we can ensure that your event has it.


If you need some help with planning your event or finding party rentals and wedding rentals Toronto residents can feel confident in, contact us at AS Special Events. We work hard to ensure your event is perfect from start to finish.

Children’s Chairs and Table Rentals

If you are putting together an event that children will be attending, or if you are planning for a children’s birthday party or a youthful holiday celebration, choose table rentals and chairs that cater to these smaller sized guests. Start your event panning by choosing specific children-sized table rentals and chair rentals. These furnishings are smaller in size and height, and they are perfect for all the little ones and their friends to gather around, to play and eat.

There are many reasons to have a fun celebration for children, from birthdays to holiday parties, so make sure you are prepared to find the best party rentals for the occasion. With so many ways to create a fun and happy occasion for children, make sure you try something new and exciting for the kids to enjoy for your next event. Table rentals made for children can perfectly compliment any occasion. Try creating a tea party theme for the children’s table, using teacups of juice and colorful linens to compliment the colors you use for the table décor. Try mixing cup and saucer colors for a unique and fun contrast. Softer pastels and floral patterns will also compliment many tea party themes, and could be a nice choice for adolescent girls. Try using bolder and brighter colors for birthday parties and for the younger kids, in order to catch and keep their attention while seated during the meal.

Superheroes are a very popular theme choice for many young kids’ events these days, and it can easily be achieved through a few choice decorations. With children’s table rentals, don’t forget to take into account the table size for holding fun decorations. Take the décor even further for your party and create a whole dining experience around the superhero theme. Choose bright reds, blues, or greens for your linens and some colorful plates to match, then create a table centerpiece that really catches their attention. Use brightly patterned table runners and a collection of fun superhero accessories as props for the table. With fun party rental supplies, you can accent the children’s table rentals and chairs perfectly for whatever theme you choose.

For more casual events, or for any events with very young children in attendance, you might want to use plastic tablecloths for your table rentals, in case of spills or when you are incorporating arts and craft activities. These come in a variety of colors and are easily disposable, with much less clean up required. Children can often times be messy during their meals or play time, so this could be the best option for a child’s birthday party, or any occasion where children are the primary guests. With disposable party rental supplies, you can save on the expense of finer dinnerware or other accessories.

No matter the kind of party you are throwing, if there are children involved, having table rentals and chair rentals that cater to your smaller guests is the best option. For quality Toronto party rentals, and the supplies you need for a children’s special event, contact us at AS Special Events. We can help make sure that all your little ones are seated and satisfied during your celebration!

Bachelorette Party Rentals Brampton

Bachelorette parties are an extremely fun way to celebrate a new beginning for a family member or a close friend. From a quiet dinner to a big banquet, to an elaborate get together, you can make the celebration girly and fun, or simple and special. For a more upscale or classy experience for your guests, use quality party rentals that reflect simple lines and neutral colors. Try using Sonata Gold Rim diner and appetizer plates for an elegant touch to the whole table and dining experience. For your linens, you can use simple black or white to compliment a more classic table set. Most party rental supplies allow you to be versatile in event planning. If you would like to set more of a flair for the event, try using bold designs and trendy bright colors, like magenta or different shades of pink. Add some amusing touches of color, and you can use uniquely shaped china for another fun touch.

Make sure you find the best table rentals for the kind of atmosphere you would like to have. Use bar stools and high-top cocktail tables for a relaxed and fun party environment. For the full drink experience, use martini glasses with some additional fun props, like colorful flags inside as a stirrer or plastic rings attached to the stem. Go even further with some additional props such as flowers, feathers, and fun signs around the table rentals. Create a color scheme that stands out and brings attention to the whole occasion. You can be extremely creative with the decorations and use veils on the back of your dining chairs or pink balloons with glitter and confetti inside. Add some fun and unique party rental items to get your girlfriends ready to celebrate the occasion!

Party tent rentals can bring a lot of fun to the occasion, but think of ways to get more personal and create fun additions. One of the best ways to add some fun to the party is by using great drink recipes. Here are a few recipe ideas to liven the party up:

This is a simple but tasty drink that does not require a lot of skill or expense, when hosting an all-girls gathering.


3 oz. of Peach Schnapps
3 oz. of Orange Juice

Combine the orange juice and Schnapps and pour it over ice in a tall glass. Garnish the drink with an orange slice and a cherry for some nice pops of color.

With party rentals, you can also find the perfect coffee mugs for hot drinks. Having a hot beverage can be the perfect compliment to a cool evening out with the ladies. Try this recipe to make a warm toast with your friends and family.


1 Cup of Strong Brewed Coffee
2 oz. of Irish Cream Liqueur

Pour the hot coffee into a clear coffee mug (or cup of your choice). Then stir in the Irish Cream Liqueur. Garnish with whipped cream. For a little more fun, add a cookie or biscuit to the edge of the glass.



Party rentals can include excellent quality martini glasses. Create a sweet drink that looks and tastes amazing, with this combination martini with fruit and sugar.



1 Tbsp. of White Sugar

1 Cup of Ice Cubes

2 Oz. of Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

1 Oz. of Vodka

1 Oz. of Triple Sec


Pour the sugar onto a plate. Wet the rim of the martini glass and then dip the rim into the sugar to create a sweet coat at the top. Combine the grapefruit juice, vodka, and triple sec into a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into the martini glass. Garnish with a grapefruit slice or a lemon slice for a pop of additional color.



No matter your style, make sure you find the best way to compliment the occasion, from table rentals and chairs, to decorations and drinks. At AS Special Events, we have the right kind of party rental supplies and all the wedding rentals Toronto couples will want, so every event will be a complete success!

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