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Top 5 tips to Plan for a Perfect Wedding Date

Marriage is a special moment for every person in their life, when you are planning to get married, then there are many things to think about and to plan perfectly for every best moment. What colors do you want the bridesmaids to wear, types of dress to wear to the wedding and the tents, decoration, venue and all other things?. Apart from all these, the crucial thing is what is your wedding day? When it come things that will be struck and make our mind to think about it when you are choosing your wedding date.

Some of them need not to be neglected while picking the wedding date are:

1. Budget:

This is the major thing that makes everyone to think of it. According to the time of year you are planning to get married, the prices may going to be expensive.

These are the few things that can help you save money.

  • June weddings are more expensive than November
  • If you have low money thinking about getting married when it’s not as popular
  • Plan in other days, rather than Saturday

2. Season:

The season also an important thing that is to be considered while planning to get married. If you are planning to get married inside or outside. The season that you want to marry will be determined according to the type of wedding you are looking to have.

3. Scheduling:

Every couple wants to go for the honeymoon after they get married, so you need to make sure that you are able to get the time off from your work or business and they should not be disturbed. Think about the time of job that you and your loved one have and it is better to avoid getting married during that time.

4. Destination

While you are thinking of a destination you have to think about the type of climate and place you are planning to have your wedding. So if you plan your wedding outdoor choose the best place where you can have a comfortable wedding even in some uncomfortable climatic conditions.

5. Venue Availability

One thing that you want to consider while selecting the venue that you want to use for your reception is to consider their schedule whether it is available or not. Keep in mind that some venues will book their weddings from 12- 18 months beforehand and not all venues are as strict.

These are the things that need to consider while choosing your wedding date, these will help you with figuring a perfect wedding date and take everything considered, and these tips will maximum help you with avoiding most of the problems and you will find out your wedding is a lot less stress fulfill.

Best season for weddings in Toronto

All party rental toronto companies know when it comes to weddings, every couple deserves a romantic backdrop to accompany their beautiful love story. Choosing when and where to have your wedding, has to be one of the most crucial decisions you can make. Whether you want a beach wedding or a church wedding, there is a lot to decide on.

There are usually a lot of suggestions coming in from friends and family. They mean well but, this may cause you to be overwhelmed and get worked up. To avoid this, party rental Toronto experts, have a few nuggets of wisdom to share. For the best season for your wedding consider the following points:

Prefer climate

Some of you love certain seasons of the year. Maybe you are drawn to a winter wedding or maybe a spring wedding. The secret to doing any wedding despite the season, it to make very detailed planning. The weather affects the choice of venue, menu and transportation among other things. For winter weddings you have to change the menu to include comfort food and a warm environment.

Remember to work within a budget that is flexible enough to work within your preferred wedding seasons. Also keep in mind the health of your guests when planning. You may have guests with specific conditions that are aggregated by certain weather conditions.


When the wedding season arrives, usually between spring to fall, things become quite expensive. This is because the vendors and suppliers have a lot of demand to fill. If you are willing to have the wedding of the season despite the cost, you don’t have to tighten your purse strings. when you are working around a tight budget, you can consider having a wedding off-season. In off season months like January or march, the vendors are readily available. That way you can get things at discounted prices.

Sentimental value

There are factors like sentimental value attached to the season that have to be considered. You or your spouse may wish to honor an important date/custom in your lives. The date may be in the off-peak or peak season; it does not matter. For example, a bride may wish to be married on the same date her mother got married. These sentimental attachments will make your day even more memorable and special.


How, the activities of your wedding synchronize, is important as the day in its entirety. Your wedding has to synchronize with peoples’ schedules. In whatever season you choose to have a wedding, remember to note down all the logistics. Perfect timing will allow the ceremony to flow, without a long wait between activities. These incessant pauses cause the guests enthusiasm to wane. The theme of your wedding should also coincide with the seasons. Having summer colors in a winter wedding may produce mixed reviews from your guests.

VIP considerations

Most of us want our families around when we get married. The people who we cannot get married without are the VIP. When planning for your wedding you, keep in mind to consult with them. That way you, you set up a date that allows them to be with you on the big day. Be careful however, only to ask the most important ones. Involving other opinions may give you a headache.


Having weddings during the holiday season can be fun. It sounds very romantic to get married on valentines or maybe Easter. If you have money to spend on a lavish wedding, then why not? Most holiday weddings tend to cost a bit more. Flower vendors, venues and caters may prove hard to find. If you do plan on having a wedding, plan in advance and start preparations early. If you make your orders before the holiday season, it’ll cut costs and save you the frustration.

With these few nuggets of wisdom, we wish you the best wedding season for you and your significant other.

How to Throw a Brilliant Barbecue Party in Toronto

There are good parties, there are great parties and then there are the most memorable barbecue parties! Why people remember these parties is because of the sumptuous food and a shift from the usual drinking and dancing parties. Barbecue parties have not become very common occurrences as they need a lot of planning and equipment. Once executed well, they can prove to be the party your guests remember for the longest time. This article aims to help you with the planning of one such party with some help from Party rentals Toronto for essential equipment.

The Food and Ovens

Decide what food you will keep for your barbecue party. This is of prime importance. Do your research and you will find multiple options for grilled vegetarian and non -vegetarian dishes including skewers, baby back ribs and more. The next challenging part is figuring out where to get the oven or the charcoal grill from if you do not own one. Fret not as As Special Events is here to your rescue. You can choose from various options from ovens to charcoals or propane grills. This equipment is absolutely top notch but you don’t have to worry about a hole in your pocket as you are just renting these for an evening and not buying them.

The Bar

The tipple is an important aspect of any party. Beers always go well with barbecues but you might want to stir up some cocktails too. But since barbecue parties are usually outdoor parties, you cannot use your home bar table for the party. You can however, easily rent one from the party rental company As Special Events. They are your one stop solution for not only a fully fledged bar complete with shelves but also ice tongs, beer tubs to keep them chilled and bottle openers. For the cocktails you can also rent a bar blender from them. Corkscrews and ice buckets are also essentials for a party with booze so keep those in handy as well.

The Chairs

The next requirement for any outdoor party is the huge number of chairs. As Special Events can help you, by providing folding white chairs that will be ideal for your barbecue party in Toronto. This also means very little effort as you can keep them all in one corner and guests can open them and set them wherever they want to sit down. If you also request everyone to keep them back from where they took them, your post party work also becomes simpler in many ways.


Keeping a few tables is very important as guests will never know where to sit or where to keep their glasses and plates. Folding tables from As Special Events can serve your purpose here. If you do not want to risk taking out your own precious linen for table tops, you can rent these too.

Dishes and Glassware

Chances are that you do not have enough cutleries in your house for a big party. As Special Events stacks in a variety of different dishes and glassware and you have a huge collection to choose the best ones for your big party. For glasses you can opt for a set of normal drinking glasses instead of special glasses for different kinds of tipple. For serving utensils too, you need not look any further from As Special Events as you will find everything from different spoon sizes, to knives and ice cream scoops here.

Music and Games

For the entertainment aspect of your barbecue your barbecue party, plan some outdoor games and keep peppy music ready for whenever someone wants to shake a leg. Hiring a karaoke console from As Special Events is a brilliant and innovative idea if you do not want to tread the usual path. Guests can sing along in groups or solos and you can also ask them to dedicate songs while they munch on grilled delicacies.

Planning a barbecue party is perhaps not easy, but most have always said that it is also extremely fun! Make your big party the talking point for many years to come.

How to plan a party?

Party planning is a very cumbersome work to do. It requires a lot of time and a lot of thoughts in order to throw a good party. This is the reason why people freak out by the slightest of chance that they might have to throw a party. For party rentals, Toronto is a very costly place to go, where the budget could go well out if the planning isn’t done properly. Here are 7 steps to throw a good party.

1. Decide the budget

Most people forget the first and basic step in party planning and then regret everything after the party when they find themselves in debt. One should always have a clear idea as to how much money can be spent in throwing the party and then plan accordingly.

2. Date and place

The second basic step to follow while doing so it to decide a proper place and date. A party is a group event and so it has to be throwing while keeping in mind the ease and availability of every person. It should be held at a place which is accessible by most people as guests are what makes a party successful. Party rentals Toronto specializes in party planning and it could help you with throwing a party.

3. Guest list and invitation

The guest list is the most important aspect of a party. Everything else depends on it and so it should be given enough time to think about whom to invite and whom not to. Also, the number of guests should be kept according to the budget.

4. Planning the food

People come to parties to have fun and food is a very important part of having fun so it should be given enough energy and time to plan the food in the party. You won’t want your guests to stay hungry for the whole of the event.

5. Good music

No party is ever successful without a good music. Music is what differentiates good parties from bad ones so it should be on the top of to-do list while arranging a party. Do a little bit of research and find all the good music that is available at the moment. Keep in mind that you should not play your playlist but the one that is popular at that moment because people might not have the same taste as you while most people will like the popular music.

6. Extracurricular activities

Fun parties need games to keep it going as people tend to feel bored when they’re doing nothing so keep them entertained with lots of games that are interesting and easy to play. The games which are available at a party often keep the guests involved in it and end up making them stay for longer and enjoy it to the fullest.

7. Take pictures and video

This is a very important part of any party as it reminds people of a good time that they had in your party even in the future. If you can, assign a person to take good pictures at the party and send them to the guest later it would be really worthwhile. Sharing the pictures and videos on social media would be a good idea as well.

Party Rentals Toronto: Tips On Throwing A Memorable Retirement Celebration

Tips On Throwing A Memorable Retirement Celebration

Party rentals Toronto staff know how challenging it can be to plan an elegant, yet fun, retirement party. You want to ensure that the event honours the career of the retiree in a memorable way, but is still fun and engaging for all guests involved. While this is slightly easier if the party is for a friend or loved one, but planning one for a co-worker about to embark on a new and enjoyable stage of their lives can be slightly more difficult. Not only does the celebration need to be fun, but it has to be professional and still show the retiree how much their contributions to your workplace mean. Here are a few tips from your local party rentals Toronto store to help make this an easier occasion for you to plan, while still resulting in a memorable event for the retiree.

How To Begin Planning A Retirement Celebration

The best way to start is to come up with a guest list. Obviously, the entire staff should be invited, along with their partners. Consider whether or not you want to have children in attendance, and if so, list their children as well. It’s a good idea to invite the family members of the retiree as well, since they will want to be included in this celebratory event. The next step is to come up with a theme. Your theme doesn’t have to be overly involved or elaborate, but coming up with a central theme will help you with each subsequent stage of the planning process. If the retiree happens to have a particular hobby or team affiliation, incorporate that. If you’re at a total loss, simply develop a theme based on colour and the atmosphere you want the party to have.

How To Find A Venue

Next to your guest list, this is the most important aspect of planning a retirement celebration to consider. Outdoor parties tend to be a lot more fun, and versatile, for everyone involved, so take a look around your town and determine if there are any appropriate locations that may be available. Avoid popular wedding spots, as these tend to be rather expensive and book up early. Planning your celebration to happen in a park or an office member’s backyard is a great way to ensure that you have a decent, pretty location but don’t wind up spending your entire budget booking the venue. A tent rentals Toronto store will be experienced in planning outdoor events, and can help provide recommendations if necessary. If the retiree is a member of a local golf course, speak with them about booking something for a weekday or weeknight event. You might be able to arrange deal, and hosting it during off-peak hours means that you won’t run into conflicts with weddings and other events.

How To Decorate Your Party

Decorations are one of the most memorable parts of any party. This is where having a central theme, or at least a central colour scheme, will be incredibly handy. Visit a tent rentals Toronto location to reserve a number of tents for your guests. These will provide shade when needed, and can help set aside a separate area for food and refreshments. You should also look into renting tents, chairs, and dishware from the same location. Once you have all of that arranged, focus on creating centerpieces for each table. This is an easy way to decorate without spending too much time trying to figure out a variety of different ornamental pieces that are suited to be outdoors.

How To Create Invitations

Now that you have a guest list and venue, it’s time to send out your invitations. Resist the urge to do this through email alone, as a paper invitation looks a lot classier and will be something your retiree will cherish for years to come.

You Invite the Guests and We'll do the Rest!