Planning a party is a very overwhelming but exciting task. On your big day, the last thing you would want is confusion, turmoil and missing party rental items. For over 20 years, As Special Events has been providing the community with helpful tips in the tent rentals toronto area. When hosting a party, renting a tent and designing layouts may seem extremely easy. You know the date of your event, you know the location, you have invited all of your guests and you have created a great entertainment program. The experts in the party rentals toronto field know there is more to a party than this. The size, layout and tent style you choose can have a huge effect on the outcome of your party. People spend so much time planning the details of their party that they forget to consider the sizes/types of party rental tents. It is recommended to choose a tent that matches the type of event you are having.
For example, if you are having a wedding, you are going to want to order party rentals that are formal. Popular tents for weddings are frame tents. The recommended size would depend on the number of people attending your wedding. If you are having a wedding with around 56 guests, you’re going to want to go for a tent that is 20×40. The table rental department would then provide you with approximately 7 round tables. These tables can comfortably seat 8 people. It is imperative to inform the professionals in the table rentals department of the number of guests you plan on inviting. Ordering the wrong number of tables and tents could ruin your big day. In order to avoid going through the stress of ordering the wrong sizes, you should layout your tent and tables with a tent rentals expert. In doing this, you will be able to see how the tables look inside the tent prior to your event and if you don’t like it, you can change it.

In the Toronto area, wedding rentals are a big deal. The average person plans their wedding 2 years in advance! That is why As Special Events wants to ensure you choose right table rentals and with the right layout. Your guests are your type priority, so, it is crucial you ensure they are comfortably, and safety seated in your tent. In the wedding rental industry, over 50% of people are unhappy with their tents solely because it was not big enough to fit their guests. As Special Events has not run into this problem as they accurately recommend the perfect size tent rentals and layouts to their customers. Renting may seem like a piece of cake, but there is actually a lot to it. With thousands of birthdays each day in the GTA, the toronto party industry will always be busy. There are many different types of tents for many different types of parties. Thetable rentals Toronto industry leaders understand this. In their efforts to create a fun environment for you on the day of, they plan ahead ensuring you understand your options and the tents they offer. You can rest assured your party will be a blast as long as you know and understand what tent to choose, and how to lay out the tables and chairs. If you’re having a small party of around 24, you may consider getting 3 roundtable rentals. With each table comfortably seating 8, you can insure your guests will be comfortable. Our 20×40 tent seats 24 people perfectly and even leaves space for a buffet table and other party rental items such as bar supplies and AV equipment. This is a very popular tent for small parties or family gatherings. You can enjoy the music and laughter. The great thing about tent rentals is the different varieties available. Another popular tent is our 20×20 frame or pole tent that conveniently seats 32 people.

Rectangle table rentals are recommended for this tent size as it creates more room for your guests to freely move around. It also leaves an open space in the middle for one of the most popular party rentals; the dance floor. If you’re having a party with people who like to dance, this could be the tent for you. One of the best things about our tents is the view. You are sheltered, and still able to enjoy the outside world by glancing out of the big, clear windows. A 20×30 tent party rental is ideal for 40 guests seated around 5 rectangular tables. While your guests enjoy great views, they can also comfortably laugh and have a good time. A nice toronto party rental touch would be coffee urns to add to the comfort and great views. As highlighted above, weddings are common and very important. As they are normally formal, and require a lot of space, a great wedding rentaloption would be our 20×40 tent that seats 56. This spacious tent can comfortably seat your 56 guests around 7 round tables. The table rentals Toronto industry experts have laid this out perfectly giving you and your guests room to dance, move around, eat and have fun. Every tent includes these options, but, it is important to choose the right tent based on the number of guests you have. Popular wedding rentals for the 20×40 tent are, beautiful linen for the tables, unique centre pieces to match the formal theme, and chiavari chairs designed for comfort and appearance. These tents can also be combined if your party exceeds more than 56 guests. In the party rentals toronto area, tents are extremely popular and it’s imperative to take your time when choosing a tent. The layout is extremely important as you want your guests to be seated comfortably at your toronto partywhile enjoying themselves at the same time. Once you know how your event will be laid out, you can start browsing through our other unique party rentals that will enhance the look of your event.