When it comes to outdoor weddings, it’s smart to have a little peace of mind. Considering that the weather man isn’t always right and the weather can be very unpredictable, it’s a smart choice to have a tent. Not only is it smart when it comes to the outdoors to have a tent, it can add a different element to the overall décor of the wedding.


  1. Pole Tent

A pole tent is pretty self-explanatory through its name. It’s a tent that is held up with poles and rope and is placed into the ground with stakes. It’s extremely elegant and usually has two or more peaks at the top. The downside of this kind of tent is that it has to be placed on grass or some soft surface that can be penetrated, but not concrete. This could make them harder to work with than other tents. However, an experienced tent rentals company will make it work.


2.Frame Tent

frame tentUnlike pole tents, frame tents can be used on any surface which makes them a lot more versatile than pole tents. Frame tents are a lot more common than any other tents. It has a metal frame that the tent uses as a support system which makes it free standing so it can be uses on any flat solid surface. Although it’s not the prettiest of tents, it leaves he option open for you to decorate it in a way in which best fits your theme.

3. Clear Tent

clear tentA clear tent is frame based and, just like in the name, has a clear vinyl top. This tent allows you to enjoy your wedding and the beautiful night sky at the same time. Along with the beautiful view, you are still protected from the weatherwhich is perfect for the bride and groom that didn’t want to have a tent in the first place. In the tent rentals industry, it is a very practical decision to get a tent and this style allows you to have all the beauty of not having a tent while still being protected.

4. Beach/ Tropical Style Tent

beachBeach or tropical style tents do tend to vary in style. However, they generally are made up of some kind of light or translucent fabric that is usually held up by wood or bamboo as the frame. Unlike the other tents, this tent is more so for the aesthetics of it. It isn’t meant to protect you from the natural elements like the previous three tents.

5. Indian/ Moroccan Themed Tent

indian tentAn Indian or Moroccan themed tent is normally a pole or marquee style tent that has plenty of beautiful fabrics and trim instead the white vinyl on the other tents discussed. These tents are only available at specific rental companies and usually have additions to compete the extravagant look.

Enhance Your Tables Too

With the right table decorations, you can immensely increase the overall gracefulness of your wedding. Are you aware of some of the most beauteous decorations that will undoubtedly enhance your tables? Our table rental experts can’t wait to enlighten you in the next post.

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