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Have you ever wondered how the top event planners have the ability to organize a large variety of successful events? Do you know what it takes in order to run an event that ends up being a huge success? Our party rental experts understand how important it is for your event to receive positive results, and so, we have reached out to some of top party planners in order to see how they effectively do their job.

After speaking to tons of party planners, we realized there was one word that was mentioned over ten times by each person, and that word was, “organization.” Before you even think of the many ways in which you can run an event, you must ensure you are capable of being organized. Let’s be honest, not every person is fit for every roll in the party rental industry. Some people are more organized than others. Studies show that most event planners are woman due to the fact that they have better organization and multitasking skills in comparison to men. Now that we have covered the main skill you need in order to plan an event, we’ll move on to tip number two.

You need to give yourself enough time to plan your event. Regardless of the amount of people you have helping you, you must ensure your goal is realistic. To be realistic, you need about 2-3 weeks to actually plan a party. Some of the top event planners told us that they give themselves 4 weeks or more in some cases, especially if they’re planning a wedding.

Another imperative tip is knowing how to promote your event. If the event is private, then you can simply send invitations via email or text. However, if it public, then you can hire a promoter or invite people through the major social media channels; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Hiring a promoter is probably your best bet if you’re not too familiar with social media or if you don’t have a lot of tech savvy friends. The price for promoting a party varies drastically. Some people charge per hour, whereas other will just charge per day. Look up some of the top promoters and see what they can do for you in terms of pricing. Some of them offer deals depending on the season. In the summer time, the price for promoting a party increases by about 30%. Once the word is out there about your event, you should ensure all of the people involved in your party are still on the same boat as you.

As mentioned above, organization is key. According to the event planners that we spoke to, one of the main reasons for failed events is the fact that the host doesn’t communicate properly with the others that are involved. If you have certain performances happening, always ensure those people are ready to present. It’s always best to have a few rehearsals before the actual event. That’ll give you a chance to see how the live event will actually be. Last but not least, make sure you have a list of all of your rental items. Your local rental company should know the exact amount of items you need and where you need them. In order to receive the best results from your party, remain calm and always remember that organization is extremely important.

Summer is approaching! Do you know how to plan the perfect pool party?


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