Parties are great. They bring together friends and family. They allow for comfort and socialization. Although they bring all of these great things they can be incredibly stressful for the party planner. As the host there is a lot of things for you to consider such as how many people are coming to the party what the venue was going to be and what kind of entertainment you going to have. Although it doesn’t sound like a lot it can be a lot of work but once it gets done you’ll be good to go.


Plan in Advance

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When it comes to any party you want to plan carefully in advance. You don’t want to be doing anything last minute whether it’s buying decorations, getting the food or even contacting your tent rentals experts. You’ll want to have everything sorted out so that when the day of the party actually comes you’re not stressed out on if everything is going to make it in time. Do you also want to know how many people are actually coming to the party so you want to send out invitations weeks in advance. This will give people some time to get their schedules in order and RSVP for the party. You may also want to have a guest limit. This way you’re not overwhelmed with the amount of guests you’ll have at your actual party. You also want to add any additional information for the parents in this case to know. This can consist of whether or not the child siblings are allowed to come to the party or if the parents need to stick around. You also want to make a list of the food that you’re going to have with decorations you need and what games will be at the party as well as what your budget will be.

Ask For Help

It’s OK to ask for help. Utilize your family and friends that can help you with the party planning and help you with the things that you might need. Don’t try to run and plan a children’s party by yourself because you’ll end up exhausted and worn out. So have family and friends help you with setting up the party tending to the guests and helping with the cleanup. You can even utilize the child who the party is for. They can help you make the invitations and even set up some of the decorations. This will give the party their own personal touch and make them feel as if it’s really their own. This could also be a fun way for you and your child to bond together.

Set a Time Limit

As many tent rentals professionals know, you will also want to have a time limit for your party. Although the time may run over it’s a good idea to send this in place just so that the parents know when to pick up their child and that you can have some peace of mind of knowing how close you are to not having to take care of everyone’s kids. Having a time limit will eliminate any meltdowns that could possibly happen from a child having to leave earlier than any of the other kids because everyone would be leaving around the same time. It’s also important to schedule the party around your child. If your child still takes naps and you want to make sure to not schedule the party around her naptime so they will be well rested for the party and this will eliminate any tantrums or meltdowns that could possibly happen. You also want to keep the party short especially when involving children. An hour and a half to two hours is enough time for kids to enjoy themselves and exhausted enough to go home peacefully.


The Food



Having foods that cater to kids is also very important. No matter how you eat or what kind of special diet your kid may be on you still want to have the food at your party feel like party food that not only your kid will like but also the other kids. You want to make your party fun which means you also want to make the food at the party fun. You’ll want to try and avoid messy foods so that the kids aren’t getting themselves dirty. Portable foods like chips or pretzels are especially good for kids because they can have fun and even if they do make a mess it’s an easy cleanup. Foods like spaghetti and meatballs are probably not the best idea for a party unless you can watch over every single child. Depending on what type of party are having you can design the foods around the party theme. This just adds to the theme and becomes a multi-functional decoration and food item.


party for teens

You also want to have appropriate games for the children to play. You want to have simple games that they can understand the rules to you and probably avoid competitive games which could result in lots of crying. You’ll also want to make sure that the kids leave the party happy so it may be a good idea to send them away with goodie bags of things to remember the party by.


A Party for Teens

Now that you know how to throw a successful party for kids, we must ask…do you know how to throw a great party for teens? Our table rental team members will discuss this next


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