Best wedding ideas for 2018

So you are getting married! The excitement and fun of planning the wedding makes the event more memorable. There are so many questions that crop up. Whether to hire the services of a planner or not? What kind of a wedding rental to choose? How many guests to invite? And so on!

Although planning the wedding is exciting, it is a good idea to prepare a comprehensive list so that you do not miss out any essential aspect.

For planning a wedding, you need to first of all decide a budget. Once you have set aside a budget, you can plan your event so that it is aligned to it. The next important aspect is to decide the venue. Before selection of the venue you need to finalize your guest list. The venue needs to be booked well in advance so that you don’t miss out on it. While planning the wedding it is necessary to bear in mind the current trends in the wedding scene.

Let me guide you through what is trending in 2018 so that you can have a wedding people will always remember!

Formal weddings are in

In 2018, couples are opting for classic tuxedos, and neat floral arrangements instead of elaborate ones.

Navy Blue is replacing Black

Black, which was the staple color for formal weddings, has been replaced by navy blue. Wedding invitations now have letter impressed in midnight blue. Navy blue tuxedos are in for the grooms!

Dusty shades are in

While grooms dress up in navy blues, the trending colors for brides are dusty rose, dusty blues, mauve.

Return of Silver and Chrome

Yellow metals such as gold, brass, and rose gold do not have a role in the 2018 weddings. Silver and Chrome, the colors of the 70s are the metals trending this year.

Minimum flowers on tables

2018 weddings have floral arrangements suspended from the ceiling rather than elaborate arrangements on tables. There are small vases with few flowers kept as centre pieces on tables.

Wedding Rentals Toronto

Providing an incredible experience to guests

As per the current trend, weddings are no longer focused on couples alone. The entire event is organized to make it memorable for all the guests as well. When a wedding is planned, due attention is given to the music, menu, dance and other activities. There is a popular trend of setting up a photo booth with exotic background for guests to get themselves photographed.

Plan a Unique Menu

Adding a personal touch to the menu sets your event apart. Your guests are bored of similar food items being served at weddings. Why not plan a menu with your caterers that reflects your personal tastes? The trend is to go heavy on desserts. Offer a wide variety of desserts to your guests.

Coming to the wedding venue

Selection of a venue is based on


It should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all the guests. There should be enough space for dining, dancing, and other activities.


The location of the venue should be such that the guests can easily reach it. There should be sufficient parking at the venue.


Since a wedding entails multiple expenses, do not go overboard with the rental for your venue. Try to choose the wedding rental within your budget.


Based on the weather, you can decide to choose an outdoor or an indoor venue. For outdoor venues, you have the option of choosing canopies and tents if required.

You will need a lot of equipment such as dishes, utensils, furniture and others for organizing the event. Your one stop solution for all your event needs is AS SPECIAL EVENTS. We have a wide range of products that can be rented at affordable rates. You can rent serving utensils, punch bowls, tables, dishes, glassware, lounge furniture to name a few from us.

Go ahead and enjoy an incredible wedding by availing our wedding rental services!


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