How Can A Tent Rental Make Your Family Reunion Special?

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A family reunion is one of the best ways to make your whole family feel special, and to gather them together in between weddings. You can catch up with relatives you haven’t seen for years, and throw a fantastic party in the meantime. Hiring a high quality tent from a Tent rentals Toronto store is a great way to ensure that your guests have a great time, and add a level of class to any event. There are a number of ways in which an elegant tent will make your family reunion feel extra special.

Host Your Reunion Outdoors

In most cases, summertime is the best time to throw your reunion. However, summer weather, especially in Ontario, is unpredictable at best. This drives many people inside for their reunions. Renting a hall or ballroom can be costly, and seem too formal and stiff for the casual atmosphere a family reunion often demands. Renting a tent from a Tent rentals Toronto expert gives you the freedom to book an outdoor venue, and gives much needed protection from a variety of weather conditions.

Protection From The Elements

Family members who are very young, or who are elderly, will be very appreciative of the shade a tent rental provides. Other family members too will be happy you thought ahead and rented a tent to provide additional relief from the sun. Tent rentals also provide a shelter from light rain, in the event you are caught by surprise. Some tents even have sides that come down and can zip up, giving additional protection against the wind and driving rain.

Tons Of Options

When you book a family reunion in a hall or ballroom, there are limited options for activities and decorations. Hosting your event outdoors gives you the ability to plan for a ton of different activities, ensuring that family members of all ages are entertained. In addition, there are many different styles and models of tents available for rental, allowing you the freedom to choose one in keeping with your overall theme and atmosphere.
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Renting a tent also allows you the freedom to put seating just about anywhere, both under the canopy and outside. This allows for family members who may not get along to be seated far apart from one another, ensuring the overall peace and fun atmosphere your family reunion deserves. When people are confined to rooms, it can be hard to ensure that family members are separated. With an outdoor reunion, and the comfort a tent provides, you can be sure those members stay apart without assigning a third party to babysit.

Variety of Food Options

Another perk of hosting your reunion outside under a tent is the wide variety of choice you have in deciding which food to offer. Many outdoor venues also have barbeques, which will allow you to bring your own food, cutting down dramatically on food costs. You can also allot more space to a food table, which will let you offer more choices to your guests and can accommodate food sensitivities and allergies.


As long as you aren’t violating any municipal by-laws, hosting your event outdoors with the aide of a tent rental gives you the freedom to make more noise. Noisy indoor events are not fun for anyone, even the people making the noise often leave with headaches or other complaints afterwards. Hosting your family reunion outdoors means that your family members, especially the younger children, can feel free to run around, laugh, and make as much noise as they want without worrying about ruining the day for anyone else.

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