If you are putting together an event that children will be attending, or if you are planning for a children’s birthday party or a youthful holiday celebration, choose table rentals and chairs that cater to these smaller sized guests. Start your event panning by choosing specific children-sized table rentals and chair rentals. These furnishings are smaller in size and height, and they are perfect for all the little ones and their friends to gather around, to play and eat.

There are many reasons to have a fun celebration for children, from birthdays to holiday parties, so make sure you are prepared to find the best party rentals for the occasion. With so many ways to create a fun and happy occasion for children, make sure you try something new and exciting for the kids to enjoy for your next event. Table rentals made for children can perfectly compliment any occasion. Try creating a tea party theme for the children’s table, using teacups of juice and colorful linens to compliment the colors you use for the table décor. Try mixing cup and saucer colors for a unique and fun contrast. Softer pastels and floral patterns will also compliment many tea party themes, and could be a nice choice for adolescent girls. Try using bolder and brighter colors for birthday parties and for the younger kids, in order to catch and keep their attention while seated during the meal.

Superheroes are a very popular theme choice for many young kids’ events these days, and it can easily be achieved through a few choice decorations. With children’s table rentals, don’t forget to take into account the table size for holding fun decorations. Take the décor even further for your party and create a whole dining experience around the superhero theme. Choose bright reds, blues, or greens for your linens and some colorful plates to match, then create a table centerpiece that really catches their attention. Use brightly patterned table runners and a collection of fun superhero accessories as props for the table. With fun party rental supplies, you can accent the children’s table rentals and chairs perfectly for whatever theme you choose.

For more casual events, or for any events with very young children in attendance, you might want to use plastic tablecloths for your table rentals, in case of spills or when you are incorporating arts and craft activities. These come in a variety of colors and are easily disposable, with much less clean up required. Children can often times be messy during their meals or play time, so this could be the best option for a child’s birthday party, or any occasion where children are the primary guests. With disposable party rental supplies, you can save on the expense of finer dinnerware or other accessories.

No matter the kind of party you are throwing, if there are children involved, having table rentals and chair rentals that cater to your smaller guests is the best option. For quality Toronto party rentals, and the supplies you need for a children’s special event, contact us at AS Special Events. We can help make sure that all your little ones are seated and satisfied during your celebration!


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