Our party rentals Toronto experts truly believe your princess deserves the best, so it makes the most sense to throw her the best princess themed birthday party. You want to make her feel special and like she is an actual princess. When doing a princess themed party, you should go all out. It’s not just about the tiaras and fancy dresses. You have to create the whole theme and make aspects of the cohesive with the actual party. You want to make her royal dreams come true and make her feel like she’s a princess for the day.

The Invitations

party rentalYou can customize your party invitations to make them fit the princess them that you are trying to create. You want the princess theme to be known to your guests before they even reach the party. This way they know what to expect when they attend and know what to wear and what mood to be in when they arrive. On your invitations you want to make them feel like royalty attending the party. You can use a calligraphist to help you create the invitations or if you’re on a tighter budget, you can print out invitations and use a calligraphy font on them to make them look more royal-like. You could use more terms like “Her Majesty” or “the Royal house of (insert last name here).” And add things like the certain “attire” that the guests should wear to the party. You can even make the invitation look older by dipping the paper in tea water or if you don’t want to go to the extent of doing that, you can dab a wet tea bag on the edges of the paper and then burn them to give it an authentic look.


Colours are Important

You’ll want to use colours that are associated with a princess birthday party like lavender, purple, pink, white, and gold and other colours along that color palate. You could make your house look more like a castle and create flags to go around the house. Many party rentals Toronto professionals would agree that you could use this preparation time to bond with your child and have them add their own spin on their party. You could even wait to create this decoration and have your child’s guests create their own flags to claim as their own during the party. You could event use Photoshop and other picture editing tools to create your own family crests and other sign and symbols for banners and decoration.


The Cake

The cake is one of the most important parts of a party. Because this is a princess party, you’ll probably want to get a princess cake. Don’t be afraid to be very vocal and descriptive with your local bakery about how you want your cake to be. They are there to serve their customers. You also don’t want to be too vague with them about what you want because there is a possibility that you’ll end up with something you don’t love due to lack of communication. Also don’t be afraid to ask how much certain things on the cake will cost before placing an order. You don’t want a simple cake to be an extreme amount of money because you wanted fondant rather than icing.


Throw an Amazing Party!

All in all, you want to throw an amazing party right? Our tent rentals Toronto experts have many more tricks up their sleeve that will leave your guests overwhelmed with joy!

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