Event planning can be stressful if you aren’t prepared. There are many things that can and will go wrong if you haven’t carefully considered the logistics of the event. Here are some tips on event planning mistakes to avoid.


Failing to check the weather


You should always check the weather forecast leading up to and on the day of your event. Surprise showers, hail, heat waves or other unexpected weather can happen. It is best to be prepared for anything. If your event is outdoors, do you have covering? If it is an indoor event, do you have umbrellas to give to arriving guests if needed? These are just a few of the things you can do to ensure you are prepared for any type of weather. You may also want to have heat for outdoor events during cold weather or fans and AC for summer events. If you are worried about rain you should speak to a tent rentals Toronto specialist. AS Special Events offers a wide selection of tents for rent for any special occasion or event you are planning.


Not having a coat check


It is an annoyance for guests when there is no place for them to put their coats and other belongings. It is a nice consideration to consider offering a coat check or at least an area where their belongings can be safely secured.


Not having adequate parking


You will want to be prepared for parking and if you event space has limited parking available you will want to look into other options. Can you provide transportation to and from the event site? Can you warn your guests in advance about the lack of parking so they can consider carpooling options? There are several ways to address the issue of parking, but you need to make sure you don’t forget about it. It can be frustrating for guests to have to try to figure out parking the day of the event.


Not having signage in place


You should try to set up signage that will lead guests to the venue. There is nothing worse than trying to make your way to an event only to get lost. The best event planners consider their guests by offering signage to show their guests where they need to go. Signage is particular helpful in cases where multiple events are taking place at the same location.


Not making sure the bathroom stays clean


You will want to ensure that the bathrooms at your venue are tidy and well stocked prior to the event. It would also be helpful to have staff check on the washrooms from time to time during the event to ensure the waste baskets aren’t overflowing or there is a limited supply of toilet paper available. Poorly maintained bathrooms reflect poorly on you as the event planner.


Not having event staff on hand


You should always be sure to have event staff on hand to assist with the needs or wants of guests. It is important that your event planning staff is present and visible to the guests. You should also make sure that your event staff arrives on time. There is usually always someone that is late so please make sure to tell your staff to arrive prior to the event start time.


Not designating staff space


You will want to ensure you have space for your staff to store their belongings or a spot where they can go to take breaks as needed. You don’t want to be running around at the event trying to find space for their things. You also don’t want them to be in the way of guests when they are trying to take a break.


Not having enough people on hand to welcome guests


It is a pain when the lineups to get into an event are huge and there isn’t enough staff to check-in guests. You will want to ensure that you have enough staff on hand for the size of the event. You should consider what check-in process will be best to alleviate long line ups.


Not respecting capacity limits


You need to consider how many guests can fit into your venue. There will be capacity limits set by the local Fire Marshall. You have to respect these limits or you could risk having your event shut down. The limits are there for a reason so you need to adhere to them.


Not having enough tables


You will want to plan out how many tables you will need for your event. If necessary you may need to rent extra tables if your venue doesn’t supply enough of them. Consider table rental with AS Special Events. We can help ensure you have the proper sized tables for your event. We can even help with delivery and setup as needed.


Not having an emergency kit


You should have a kit that contains items that you might need at the last minute such as staplers, pens, paper, ink for printers, things of that nature. You can never be too prepared. It is best to consider everything you might possibly need.


Leaving setup until the last minute


You should try to setup whatever you can ahead of time and well in advance of the event. Sometimes you may only have access to the venue a few hours before the event starts, but sometimes you can set up days ahead. You should make effective use of whatever time you have available to set up. It can be very stressful trying to set up as guests are starting to arrive.


Poor registration process


You should try to make the registration process for your event as simple and effective as possible. Perhaps you can offer an online sign up option to make things easier. Or maybe you have put an RSVP system in place. You should have a way of tracking how many guests you will have and always plan for last minute registrations.


Too much control


If you try to control the event too much it will show, and your guests aren’t likely to react favourably. Try to plan the details that you can and leave the rest to happen organically. It is best to let guests have as much involvement as they can in the experience. It makes people happier when they feel that they are given choices.


Forgetting to get feedback


You will want to get feedback from guests if you plan to host an event of this type again. It is important to know what went well and what needs improvement for the next time around. This will help you in the planning stages next time.


AS Special Events has everything you need when it comes to party rentals. If you need AV equipment, then we have you covered. If you need things such as tablecloths and other linens we also rent those items. If you need help with the event planning we have experienced and dedicated event-planning professionals on hand to offer assistance. You can be assured that we have what it takes to create an event that your guests will enjoy. You can relax and leave as much or as little of the planning up to us, as you desire.

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