A few years back I had a roommate that loved themed parties. Toga parties, board game parties, astronauts and aliens. I particularly liked the last one, since I am a foreigner I pulled of the illegal alien act quite well. She was so serious that any gathering of a dozen people or more, had to have a theme, no surprise, Halloween was her favourite time of the year. Whenever we threw one of these bashes at our apartment, I would closely observe my friends. They would turn their places upside down looking for something that would prevent them from looking completely buffoonish. If all else fails, go to the closest tent rentals Toronto store. Nowadays themed parties are all the rage, all the cool kids are doing it. So there are some essential supplies every such store should have in stock that meets the needs of all their customers.


Pet Costumes: Canadians spend more money of their pets than any other nationality. In Vancouver, ‘bring your bunny to yoga’ is becoming quite popular and almost everyone I have recently met has mentioned the cat cafe. It is no surprise that the frequency of costumed pet parties are going up. It is only natural for props stores to be well stacked with easy to wear and comfortable gear for our feline and canine party goers. Just the other day a friend of mine picked up a recherche Krypto the super dog cape for his dog. It is a thing these days.


Period Pieces: According to Martha Stewart Living, 2015’s most common themes for adult parties were period themes. The 20’s, through the swinging 60’s, to the grunge of the 90’s, party goers are developing a taste for rekindling memories of the past. So every party rental store should have decorations and costumes to mimic different time periods. From gowns to posters, to old cocks and may be even an old jukebox. Items that really set the tone for your party.


Movie Themes: Movie themed parties will always be around. There is a Harry Potter bar downtown, the electronic music producer Darth Vader uses a millennium falcon turntable. Movie franchises dictate pop culture, you cannot be a serious player in the props rental industry if you do not have ample material from some of the biggest movie series. The new Stars Wars smashed the 3 billion mark like it was chump change. As long as big budget movies are around, there will be parties following closely behind.


Music Pieces: There are a lot of tent rentals Toronto and party rentals stores that exclusively rent out musical instruments for shows. I use to go to a bar, where every Wednesday, everyone was encouraged to bring an instrument, The whole floor was cleared and there would be little groups in every corner. Some playing jazz, some playing rock and roll and some playing metal. Music themed parties are great fun. Having a little corner in your store that has a portable bass amp, can do wonders for your customer ratings.


Really Adult Gear: Nothing says retro quite like having a black veil at the back of the store, with a sign on it that says ‘over 18 only’. Now you know it is a real party. A lot of people like to think that monogamy is unnatural, they want to celebrate their promiscuity. In actuality, erotic parties are very commonplace. Having a section that has decorations you can put on the wall to get the juices flowing is not such a bad idea. Just make sure all the props are properly sterilized.




Wide Selection of Lights: Gin and soda water gives off an eerie blue glow under black light. Yellow lights can make a room look more transparent, blue on the other hand makes it look more opaque. Our sense of vision is one of our keenest, nothing sets the mood quite like proper lighting.





Princess Theme:


Have you ever thought of doing a princess theme? That’s another well sought out theme that many party rentals Toronto professionals have received questions about. Are you aware of the many ways in which you can decorate your princess themed party? If not, our experts have some great tips for you.


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