The dream of every bride is to host an elegant wedding that presents guests with stupendous views and unforgettable experiences. Our wedding rental Toronto specialists know exactly what you need in order to host a wedding that will present you with nothing but positive results.

Wedding Attire

The Bride: Many brides opt for white when they are in the process of shopping for the perfect wedding dress. Although that is absolutely fine, you should step outside of the box and wear a bright colour that will complement the beautiful greenery around you. Our experts suggest wearing a dress that is lightly shaded. To go with the spring theme, many wedding rental Toronto experts agree that light pink is the most attractive colour.

The Groom: dressing the groom in ultimately easier than dressing his bride to be. Try to find a tuxedo that is white –and steer away from black. Again, let’s try stepping outside of the box!

Brides’ Maids and Grooms: Choosing who your brides’ maids and grooms are going to be is definitely easier than dressing them! To simplify the process of frantically searching for what colour to wear, you should stick to a generic shade that is highly favoured during the spring season. Here are some ideas in terms of colours:

  • Light orange
  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Light yellow

Chair Layout

One of the most popular chairs during the spring season is the Chiavari Chair. Above the many chairs that we offer, many people have ordered our Resin Crystal Chiavari Chair. For added elegance, and to tie into the spring theme, place a flower on the back end of the chair. Here’s an example of how beautiful the Resin Crystal Chair looks at a spring wedding:


A centrepiece is an item that automatically catches the attention of many people. In fact, your centrepiece is one of the most important decorative items that will be in use during your wedding. With that being said, it is extremely imperative for you to ensure to order centre pieces that are relevant to the overall spring theme. Choosing to display a flower centrepiece is always a great idea. You can either order one huge centrepiece for the middle of the table, or individual flower centerpieces that will form a line along the middle of any rectangular table.

The Ceremony

Have your flower girl carry a wooden basket that is filled with beautiful white flower petals. While she is walking down the aisle, have her gently throw the petals into the air so that they elegantly land on the grass.

You should have some flowers already laid out on the ground so that the spring scene is already set for your guests.

The Tent

Last but most certainly not least, you need an extravagant tent. Our frame tents have been sought out by thousands of people across the GTA due to beautiful look in which they display. When it comes to designing your frame tent, use spring-friendly items such as:

  • Flowers
  • Crystals
  • Jewels
  • Greenery
  • Hearts

Understanding how to plan an event is a huge bonus.

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