Hosting a child-oriented party often proves to be a hassle, from trying to accommodate all the children in your child’s class to investing in as many means of entertainment as possible so that they are always enthusiastic and occupied. Though in recent years, expensive party places and highly commercialized parties complete with hired magicians and circus performers are vanishing and being replaced with low-key, practical gatherings at home with all the resources at parents’ fingertips and delicious, Pinterest-inspired dishes. In the event that you’re short on the right equipment, Party Rentals Toronto can assist you with all of your house party needs, and we also offer plenty of advice to ensure that your child’s party runs smoothly.


For parties catered towards preschoolers and grade-schoolers, the general rule of thumb is to invite your child’s whole class, which, while a polite gesture, will more likely than not be hectic and demanding. We recommend that you invite children with whom your child is closest friends, or at the very least, with whom they get along with well. Your party’s theme can help you narrow down that guest list even more, depending on the children’s interests. As for invitations, it’s a good idea to skip out on paper and save money on postage. You also shouldn’t have to worry about sending your child to school with the invitations in hand, making the selective process that much more obvious. In this day and age, invitations are made easy and eco-friendly through the Internet. If the parents have Facebook, create an event for your child’s party. You also have other digital options like Paperless Post and Evite, so that you can easily track RSVPs. These options also allow you to creatively customize and personalize your invitations with a variety of designs. Regardless of your preference, all your invitations will be sent instantly with just one click. The parents will also probably assume that you want the party to be low-key, judging by your subtlety. We suggest that you send out your invitations at least three to four weeks in advance, and you should also prompt the parents to confirm with their children and RSVP approximately ten days before the event so that you have an idea of how many guests to expect, and prepare food and activities accordingly. For a preschooler, try to keep the guest list between eight to ten persons so that games, activities, and meal periods are easier to organize. Older children will usually have more sensibility in who they want to invite, so parties will get smaller come middle school. They may also get their closest friends to help them plan and set up, so that you have fewer errands to worry about. Since these are children, there is a good chance that the parents of children who are younger than the age of five will likely stay for the remainder of the party. Essentially, you really are inviting a young child plus their parent(s), because many children aren’t ready to be dropped off and left at a party on their own yet before starting kindergarten. However, this isn’t to say that you need to prepare a different menu for the parents – they will understand if you offer them the same hotdogs and popcorn you’re feeding their children (all of which Tent Rentals Toronto can provide you with) since they know how much of an effort it is to prepare food for multiple guests. You just have to be sure that you have enough food and drinks available so that you can accommodate everyone, even if you have more relative to the number of guests that actually show up. Think about what your child’s preferences are, and what gets them excited. In the case of preschoolers and early-grade school children, you can suggest some options for party themes to them to help them brainstorm ideas. At their age, they typically enjoy playing with toys, watching television, partaking in outdoor activities, and using arts and crafts for projects that inspire them. Thus, you should consider recommending simple themes to them that also reflect their interests, such as fantasy, superheroes, space, or underwater worlds. As their interests develop and change, older children will likely develop their own ideas for themes. Although, if your child expresses many interests, you might actually consider foregoing a theme altogether. Instead of having a specific theme, you could let your child’s favourite games, toys, colours, and foods dictate what sort of decorations, food, and entertainment will be used at the party. If you want a fully decorated party space, part tents are ideal. Instead of hanging individual balloons, consider tying them in clusters before hanging them from the ceiling, so that you don’t have to worry about your child being exposed to helium. Balloons that fall to the ground can also double as means for volleyball and other ball games. But it doesn’t just stop at hanging decorations. Even simply setting up and arranging the party food on a table coupled with some theme-specific props will add to the overall party atmosphere, making children really feel like they’ve entered a completely different dimension. Paper goods available in solid colors will also correspond with practically any chosen party theme. Decorating your food is also a great idea. This is especially the case with baked goods, as you can add frosting and icing, using colours that coordinate with the party’s theme. All of these, along with anything the children make, make great replacements for loot bags. Refrain from going overboard with food and activities; having an extra few on paper is fine, but just plan on running some classic and easily accessible activities that can run for longer periods of time, or else you’ll be rushing the children from game to game. Some ideas include arts and crafts, treasure hunting, and obstacle courses if your party is taking place outdoors. Make sure to have plenty of equipment on hand depending on the nature of the activity, such as paint, bubbles, chalk, balls and bubbles. If it will be a warm day come party time, water balloons and guns will be a bonus (make sure to tell the parents to bring swimsuits and towels for their children). If any of the children have particular talents, encourage them to showcase their passions at the party. These talents can be face painting, balloon shaping, storytelling, magic tricks, or music performances – anything that ignites enjoyment and creativity in children. As for food, simple, quick recipes and your child’s favourites will suffice. Just be wary of any food allergies some children might have. Most people are free during the weekend, and it is a good idea to have parties run for approximately two hours to avoid exhausting guests. Morning and early afternoon parties will work best for preschoolers, and older children can last through afternoon and early evening parties. Try to avoiding scheduling a party near or on the same day as another’s so that parents are not faced with the awkward situation of choosing between two parties. If anything, you might consider hosting joint parties to avoid that problem.



Party rentals are an excellent option if you need the help of a reliable coordinator to facilitate the event. AS Special Events will ensure that neither you and your guests are overwhelmed, instead allowing you to focus on enjoying a great party.



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