Planning an event is known to be both stressful and discombobulating, but does it have to be? No! The Toronto tent rentals experts are here to remind you what to rent, consider and do so that your next event is extremely successful.


What to Consider

During the party planning process, there are a plethora of things in which you should consider. Our experts have listed them below:

  • A Theme: is there anything you enjoy doing that you would like to display to your guests? Do you want to have the same old party or do you want to be original? Considering a theme is an excellent idea if you want to throw an amazing party.
  • Parking: if you’re having a huge party, you must ensure there is enough space for everybody to park. Do some research on your venue and see if they have at least double the amount of spots that you’ll need.
  • The food: is the food being catered? Are you cooking? Is there enough food for everyone? The worst thing to do is make a mistake when it comes to the whole food aspect of your event. You should always have a few extra food items available just in case people want seconds or if a few extra people show up last minute.
  • Entertainment: who is performing? Are they all prepared? Entertainment is a huge aspect of any event. Without entertainment, your event is pretty much nothing. Prior to you event, double check with the people on your program and make sure they’re all prepped and ready to blow the minds of your guests.
  • Timing: how long will you event be? Can all that you have planned be done by the time your event ends? Most venues have strict time limits and they must be followed regardless of what you have planned. Always draft up a daily schedule and make sure you follow it to the T.


What to Rent

Acquiring items from a Toronto tent rentals company is a very wise idea. A reputable company will have high quality items and they often offer delivery and pick up services. Here are some of the main rental items:

  • Tents
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Table cloths
  • Cutlery items
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Décor
  • Candy machines
  • Games

We’ve conducted a survey to see how successful parties were that used a rental company versus how successful they were when they didn’t use a rental company. The question asked was, “was your party a success?” Take a look at the results below.


Before You Hire a Professional

It’s clear that hiring a rental company is an amazing idea – especially looking at the survey results above. Reputable companies are known for their skill to assist hosts with throwing an amazing party. If you are thinking of hiring a company, always ensure do a background check on them – how long have they been operating? Are they prepared for your party? Do they have the equipment you need? How are their online reviews?

Have Fun

If you follow all of the advice above, there’s absolutely no reason as to why you should stress. The rental experts know exactly what to do and how to simplify the entire party planning process allowing you to enjoy a night of fun!

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