Sometime last month, I pulled over a 5 start event in just 2 weeks. Many people continuously ask me how I was able to do such a thing. There was amazing food, interesting party rental supplies, entertainment and more. The guests were happy, full and amused from the very beginning to the very end. But how? How was I able to pull it off? I’ll explain below:

party time

  1. Know The Date

As stated before, I only had 2 weeks until party time. My sister was initially in charge of the event but she unfortunately become ill. Anyways, before planning for your event, you need to set a date. As soon as you’re aware of when your event will be, you can begin to plan accordingly. This also helps to avoid the act of procrastination.


  1. Get a Head Count

It is crucial to know exactly how many people will be at your event. In my case, I sent out reminder invitations and told guests to RSVP as soon as possible. Once I received a response from a majority of the guests invited, I began to move onto the next step. If you find that your guests aren’t responding to your emails in a timely matter, kindly remind them that in order for you to throw your event – they need to reply. That usually prompts them to respond right away.


  1. The Venue

Once the date has been set and you have a strong idea of the amount of people that will be in attendance, it’s time to call around and find a reputable venue. To your benefit, many party rental companies have connections with venues that have proven to manage immaculate events. Although reviews are great, it’s also important to do your own research and ask a lot of probing questions.

Before you actually book the venue, you should always book a time to walk around and see how it looks face to face. Sometimes pictures online can be enhance and edited which manipulates the human eye. Once you visit the venue in person, you can see the true condition of everything.

Always ensure that there are enough bathrooms and that the venue is located somewhere convenient. Some people refrain from researching little things that end up making or breaking their event. I didn’t have much time to research, so I decided to make a list of everything that I required so that I could show it to the manager.


  1. Apparel and Theme

Will your event be casual or formal? What do your guests need to wear? What kind of theme are you aiming for? These questions are all important as they will determine the type of decorations that are set up at your venue. If the event if formal, you may want to rent some flowers, table runners, pintuck table cloths, etc. If the event is not formal, you may have plastic plates and cups, plastic table cloths and other simple items.

If you have a specific dress code in mind, be sure to include it in either bold or capital letters when you are sending out your invitations. You can always send an email or a text message in order to ensure your guests get the memo.

When you are pressed for time, and you need to find a theme ASAP, you can either choose the red carpet theme or just a simple casual “no themed” party.


  1. The Menu

The great thing about the food portion is that many venues present you with delicious menus. Try not to choose a menu that is composed of things like peanuts, as many people may be allergic. If you don’t have much time, chicken is always a great option and is also inexpensive. Ask your venue if they also offer separate menus for vegans and vegetarians.


  1. Set a Budget

Without a budget, you’ll end up spending a whole bunch of money! I set a budget of $3,000 and ended up saving $400! I was quite surprised.



Always have fun and try not to stress too much. If you have decided to rent from a party rental company, they will definitely give you some more imperative advice.


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