Beach parties are a great way to gather all your friends or family (or both) and enjoy a relaxed day. Although it’s going to be very laid back and chill, it still does require some planning, as many party rentals Toronto experts are aware.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick a venue. You can’t have a beach party without choosing what beach you want everyone to go to. You should look into all your local beaches and see what they have to offer as well as the reviews people leave about the beach. You’ll want to choose a beach that is fairly close to everyone and is clean so everyone can enjoy the view as well as the feel of the beach. You may even want to go and view the beach before you decide to choose it as your venue. It is possible that you could need a permit to have a party on the beach, so be sure to look into this ahead of time.

Once you figure out which beach you’re going to, you’ll want to decide what time of day your party will be. This will determine a lot of factors for your party. If you choose 2 or 3 in the afternoon, people could have already eaten making it unnecessary for you to cater food. If you decide to have your party in the evening, party rentals Toronto experts advise you to consider making it into a bonfire party. Timing is everything. You’ll also want to consider who is coming to the party when deciding these things. If you are inviting your whole family, from grandparents to young children, you may want to do it in the middle of the day when everyone is available and nap times are over. If it’s a bunch of older teenagers, possibly college kids, you may want to have your party later in the evening.

You want to make your invitations very festive to fit the event. You are very free to do whatever you want with invitations for an event like this because it’s meant to be fun. You also want to be sure you add your phone number and the address of the beach you guys are going to on the invitations just in case anyone has questions or needs clarification.

As far as food, you want to keep it simple and easy. Fruits that everyone enjoys like watermelon or mangoes are good for the beach and easy for everyone to carry around their own serving. You also may want to consider bringing things to barbeque like hot dogs and burgers. If you’re going really fancy for this party, you will probably want to get a caterer to help in the food department.

When it comes to the day of the party you’ll want to bring a speaker along with you so you can have your own playlist going of music you like. You also want to make sure you leave about 2 to 3 hours before the party actually begins so that you can get everything set up before everyone gets there. Of course this time will depend on how far the beach is from you so adjust accordingly. Party rentals Toronto urge you to be prepared for anything, so pack extra towels, a bathing suit, any games that you an all play, and lots and lots of snacks. Enjoy.

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