Are you aware of the fact that the appearance of your invitation can have a significant effect on whether your guests will attend or not? Party rentals Toronto experts have come to the conclusion that a well showcased invitation will result in almost everybody showing up at your event. The way your guests are invited to your event gives them an idea of how your event will be. A fun invitation equals a fun event. If you’re the best at coming up with unique, creative invitation ideas, then take a look at some of the main ones below!


Pencil Invitation:

How cool would it be to include a pencil on the inside of your invitation so that your guests can take note of the details of your event right away? This is not only unique, but it decreases the chances of your guests forgetting when your event is. You can even include a calendar inside of your invitation.


Scratch Card:

Even if your guests aren’t lotto ticket lovers, it’s always fun to scratch a card in order to see what’s behind it! Surprise your guests with a scratch ticket and attach a penny or something with the invitation as well. Include some instructions so that your guests know they much scratch the ticket in order to see the date, time and location of your event.


Video Clip:

Gather up all of your guests’ emails, or even cell phone numbers, and send them a video clip of yourself (or anyone else) inviting them to your event. If you’re having a wedding, it would be very romantic to include your husband or wife in the video. You guys could even share a cute hug or kiss at the end!


Flow Chart:

Not only is this fun, but extremely different too. You would normally see flow charts in magazines and newspapers – but rarely in an invitation. Here’s an example of a flow chart below:

You could say something like, “are you doing anything on (date of your event)?” If they say yes, then your flow chart could end with, “we are truly sorry that you’re unable to make it to our event!” If they choose no, then you can continue on with the next statement/question. Be sure to include all of te information that they need.


Balloon Invite:

Party rental Toronto experts don’t just seen balloons being used at parties anymore! They have also received requested to order custom made balloons for their clients. From your local party store, you can order balloons that include all of the information about your event on them so that when your guests blow them up, they can clearly see where/when your event is! This idea is one of the most unique and rare ones yet.


Photo Collage:

Collages are always fun to make and they display an immense amount of pictures that showcase some great times. Make a collage that is compiled of your face, and maybe some close friends too. If this is for your wedding or engagement party, include some pictures of you and your spouse.


Invitation in a Bottle:


Regardless of your theme, delivering your guests a bottle with their invitation inside of it is a great idea. You’re giving them a taste of the olden days with a bit of a more modern touch. You could even choose the bottle that holds your favourite beverage. And speaking of beverages, check out our Top Party Beverage Ideas blog.


Have fun!


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