planning an event in Toronto

When planning an event, it’s important to have a solution for unexpected weather changes. Having a tent is a simple, cost-effective, and elegant solution that can protect your guests from harsh weather and prevent their experience from being ruined. Let’s discuss event tents and what finding the best tent for your event entails.

For Small Events:

Introducing the frame tent – your perfect companion for small, laid-back gatherings. Whether you’re planning a Sunday barbecue with friends, a backyard birthday party, or a community day event, the frame tent is an excellent choice. With the ability to be constructed in virtually any length and no interior poles, the frame tent offers an “open concept look” while still protecting from harsh weather.

For the Big Day:

When it comes to weddings, every detail matters. There are various types of tents available for the big day, but it’s crucial to choose a tent that complements the wedding theme and decoration style.

If your wedding is taking place on a grassy landscape, a pole tent might be perfect for you. Pole tents have graceful curves, dips, and high peaks, with at least one pole in the center that can be decorated. Furthermore, they are one of the most affordable tent options.

However, if you prefer a tent without poles, consider using a clear-span tent. This tent is ideal for lavish events and weddings as it provides a wide, open area for your guests. It has enough space for everything, including guests, a dance floor, rentals, a DJ, and even a stage! The clear-span tent is both strong and luxurious, making it the safest event tent available.

Another fantastic option for your wedding is the frame tent, available in both pole and frame styles. It is considered the most romantic of tents.

For Festivals and All Things Corporate:

Tents are versatile and can be used in various corporate events such as conferences, team building, meetings, exhibitions, and seminars. They are also useful in festivals as they can provide shelter from bad weather, shade for attendees, and housing for food vendors.

Choosing the right tent for your event can be overwhelming, as there are different alternatives available. When evaluating tenting options, you should consider the size of the event, the specific use of the tent, whether or not sidewalls are required, the need for flooring, lighting, draping, and HVAC, and the time you have for setup and dismantling.

If you are unsure about which tent to choose, it is always advisable to seek the help of a professional who can guide you in making the right decision. Contact us today for Event Rentals Toronto!