Table décor is very important whether it’s your dining room table or the head table at your wedding. It adds a certain jazz to your table as well as a bit of personality. Your table decorations don’t have to be extreme or over the top. They can be small and simple and still add something to your table rentals in a subtle way. There are many ways to go about decorating your table and making it your own. You just have to choose the way that’s right for you. Here are some ideas on what to do when it comes to decorating your table and taking it from bland and boring to fun and exciting with a few simple steps.

Classic Flowers


Flowers have been used as table décor since the beginning of time. They are used so often that they have become a classic center piece choice that anybody could pull off. You could use flowers at a wedding reception on your table or at your own home on your dining room table. The only question is, what kind of flowers do you want and how do you want to display them? This is where actual creativity comes into play. If your style is a little more “Plain Jane,” you can do a classic clear vase and some roses on your table or if you like to have a little more fun with your décor, you could play around with your options. You could go for low, square, wooden boxes and place some daises inside of them or you could a tall colored vase with orchids inside. There is almost no way you could go wrong with this option which is probably why it’s so popular. The only down side to this option is that flowers die, so you’ll need to change them regularly.

Seasonal Décor

Seasonal décor is really fun because it allows you to have constant change which is good for the person that gets bored easily. Just like the name states, the décor will change by season. For example, autumn décor will most likely revolve around autumn items. It would include things like acorns and leaves in the different stages of color changing. For a wedding, you would probably get square table rentals and add this décor to complete the look. Décor for the spring would revolve around spring colors and items as well. For example, you could decorate your table with cherry blossoms and possibly put them in watering cans to add to the fun. For a wedding, you would probably get round tables and add this décor to complete the look.



Candles are also a nice way to decorate your tables. They can add a very romantic vibe to the table or a very earthy feel depending on how you choose to set them up. If you want to go for the more romantic vibe, you could either put two or three decorative candles up on candle stands and keep it simple or you can choose to get a bunch of candles of different heights and cluster them in the middle of the table. It is up to you whether or not you choose to light them.


Fruits are an extremely simple way to add some functionality to you table while adding a bit of color. You could either choose to use one fruit in your fruit bowl (i.e. only apples, or only oranges, etc.) or you could do a variety of fruits to add a burst of color to your table.

Tent Décor


Are you aware of the many beautiful ways in which you can decorate your tent? Our wedding rentals Toronto specialists will talk about this next.


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