When the sun starts shining, spirits rise and people want to enjoy themselves. There’s no better way to do that than to host a fantastic pool party!

Tent rental Toronto companies have received an immense amount of inquires for pole tents, specifically for people who are hosting a pool party. A pole tent is great because it provides your guests with shade, and still allows the fresh air to enter and circulate throughout its body. Pole tents can be securely drilled into the ground and they are normally set up and taken down by the rental experts.

Along with your tent, you should have some fun games set up. Your guests most likely want to do more than just swim and chat; they want to have fun too. Set up volleyball net in the pool so that they can have a quick game. Another great game is basketball; you really can’t go wrong with that! Your local tent rental Toronto professionals have a vast variety of rental equipment that is suited for fun pool parties.

Apart from games, you can have some entertainment and great music. Seeing how the sun is shining, play some music that is uplifting and fun. Try not to play slow songs that will eventually put people to sleep. Live performances are always fun at pool parties. You can look up a local band or even some upcoming artists and see if they’d be available to show up at your party. People are looking to have a good time, so, they’ll pretty much be okay with whatever you play.

When it comes to your menu, it’s best to have a vast variety of finger foods. Burgers, hotdogs and chicken are amongst some of the most popular foods for pool parties. You don’t want to give out anything that will be too heavy on your guest’s stomach. After all, they’ll be dancing and swimming half the time.

Choosing a theme for your pool party is also a great idea. Keep in mind that the idea of a pool party is for people to feel lively and care free. In saying that, some great ideas for themes include; Hawaii theme, celebrity party, all white, and disco. Set a dress code that’s most interesting and different so that your guests can get creative. You could even have a best dressed contest and give out a prize to the person who looks the ultimate best.

To make it even more interesting, allow your guests to vote amongst themselves. The overall process of planning a pool party should be fun! Try not to stress too much and remain calm even when you feel like things may be falling apart. The great thing about a pool party is that it’s already fun without you having to do much. Just keep your guests entertained and ensure they aren’t full or thirsty 24/7. Speaking of thirst, always ensure you have enough water and other refreshments for your guests to drink. They will definitely get thirsty as the sun continuously beats on their bodies.

Learning how to plan the best barbeque is also a bonus as the summer months are quickly approaching. If you don’t think you’re the best party planner, you can always call on a professional for assistance, or ask some of your friends to volunteer. No matter what, the help will always be there.

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