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Your wedding is possibly one of the most important days of your life. You want to be perfect because you’ll remember this day forever. This is the day that you share with your kids and your grandkids and a day that you will reminisce with your partner about during your years of marriage. It is important that your wedding is perfect for you. Every detail matters. It matters what kind of flowers you pick, what the venue is, what kind of music you choose, the people you invite, and how your actual venue looks. Your venue shouldn’t only look good when you’re looking straight ahead. It should look good any which way you turn your head. That means that every detail matters when it comes to the aesthetic look of your wedding. So even minuscule things that you wouldn’t think to decorate matter such as your tent.


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You’ll want to decorate your tent to add certain flair to your wedding. A plain tent just seems bland and boring. When decorating your tent, you want to make sure that everything is put in place so that your wedding looks cohesive. You wouldn’t want to decorate your tent in colours or items that don’t match the decor on the ground or on the tables. Before you decorate your tent you want to look into any fire codes that your city or state may have. You’ll also want to check with the rental company about any warnings that they may have concerning the fabrics used in making the tent. Wedding rentals Toronto specialists advise that you look into it this before adding anything to the tent for you and your guests’ safety.

Once you do this you want to find out if there any restrictions to what you’re allowed to use and what you’re allowed to hang on your tent. For example, I may not be wise to use candles close to the tents fabric because that is cause for a potential fire. Once you do this field and want to measure the length of your tent and find out how much of your decorations you’ll actually need. This is when you want to think about the actual look that you want. You may want to emulate a starry sky with fairy lights along the brim of your tent. You could even buy fabrics that you can hang from the top of your tent to add more colour or add more sophistication to your wedding reception. If you do to decide to go with the starry sky you may want to buy twinkle light netting so that the lights can hang up at the top of the tent. You want to choose bright white or gold coloured lights so that it resembles the stars in the sky. You can also decide to hang lanterns or light chandeliers from the inside of your tent to give it a more sophisticated look.



There are plenty of things you can do to your tent and this is where you can get creative. If you’re having a themed wedding, you may want to go for something that incorporates the theme into your tent decor. Wedding rentals Toronto specialists advise that you make your wedding your own. If you want more of a rustic look at your wedding, you can even choose to get branches and spray paint them a colour that’s within your wedding theme or you can go to a craft store and buy branches or flowers that go along with the decor. You can even get creative and hang glass vases from the ceiling and possibly fill them with flowers and candle lights. You can even mix-and-match any of these ideas to create a look of your own.

Choosing the Right Tent

Before you decorate your beautiful tent, you must ensure it’s the right size. Do you want you should consider prior to choosing your tent? Our tent rentals team will discuss

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