Tent Rental Toronto: How To Host A Spectacular Charity Event

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How To Host A Spectacular Charity Event

Tent rental Toronto corporations understand the need to ensure that your next charity event shines. Not only do you want to ensure you are able to raise the most amount of funds possible for your charity, you want to throw an event people will be talking about for years to come. After all, this is the best way to ensure that you get an even larger crowd for your next one! Visiting your tent rental Toronto experts is the best place to start, but there are a many other aspects to hosting a beautiful event.

How To Find The Perfect Venue

The first step is to find the perfect venue for your event. Hosting a charity event outdoors is a wonderful way to encourage a large crowd, and to take advantage of the beauty that the Greater Toronto Area has to offer. Directors or other executives of your charity may have beautifully landscaped yards, and are a good place to start. Think about other outdoor events you have attended in the past, and check to see if those venues would be suitable for your event. Parks and other public locations can often be rented out for private events, and are also potential venue locations you should keep in mind.

How To Choose An Overall Theme

The most successful charity events have their own theme. This can be something as extravagant as a circus theme, or as minimal as a colour scheme. Keep in mind that time of day and the eventual venue you choose will help to dictate the theme. For example, a black tie event isn’t exactly appropriate for one held in the mid-afternoon. Consider whether children will be invited, and keep their entertainment in mind as well.

How To Find Entertainment For Your Event

The type of entertainment you hire will depend on your venue size and the theme of your event. String quartets and other musicians who can play soft, classical-style music are ideal for black tie and other formal themes. A live band who specialize in a variety of different covers is well suited to other types of events, especially those where you hope to encourage your guests to dance. Consider hiring a comedian or wandering magician who specializes in “street magic” for other events, in order to put a unique spin on the forms of entertainment your guests may expect to see. Be sure that you audition each and every performer before signing a contract, and audition a number of them in order to be sure you have an accurate basis for comparison. Ask your colleagues for referrals rather than your friends – what is appropriate for a friendly event may not be suitable for your charity event.

When To Send Out Your Invitations

Avoid the temptation to email the invitations to your guest list. While this is a wonderful way to follow up on the invitations you’ve sent and to compile an accurate list of attendees, it is best to send out the invitations by letter mail. Be sure that they are sent at least six to eight weeks before your event, but no earlier than twelve or sixteen weeks. This ensures that your guests have plenty of time to get your event into their calendars, but not too much time that it could be forgotten. Be sure to include the organization, the time and date, the venue, contact information, any costs that is involved in attending, and if there are any special instructions regarding theme (such as black tie or costume). When you order your invitations, keep them in the same style as the theme of your event, in order to maintain continuity.

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