Tent Rental Toronto: Professionals Show You How To Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

How To Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Tent rental Toronto experts have helped people across the Greater Toronto area plan the parties of their dreams. One occasion that deserves all the special treatment you can find is your baby’s first birthday. There’s no better way to celebrate the first year of your young one’s life than by throwing an amazing family party outdoors. While your tent rental Toronto professionals can provide the chairs, tables, and other equipment you need to throw a memorable first birthday celebration, the rest is up to you. Here are just a few tips on how to throw an amazing birthday party to celebrate your sweet baby’s first one.

How To Create The Perfect Decorations

You have a ton of options when it comes to decorations, and one way to make this decision easier is to start by picking out a theme. It can be as simple as a colour your baby seems to adore, or his or her favourite story, and working from there. Be sure to create centrepieces for the tables, to give it an element of adult class, while also incorporating baby-friendly decorations that can be scattered throughout the outdoor area. Hosting your party outside will help you cut down on the expense you need, as a garden or backyard can often provide natural beauty.

What To Serve For Food

Planning a menu can also seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you opt to go the do-it-yourself route. Enlist a number of friends to make this task significantly easier, and be sure to give yourself enough time to finish all the food preparation well in advance of the party’s start time. Choose foods that can be easily transported, and ones that won’t make too big of a mess if the young ones present have a hard time managing their plates. Finger sandwiches, pastries filled with warm meat, and mini-quiche all make for great crowd-pleasing ideas that will leave your guests full without being stuffed. Don’t forget about dessert, and include a tray with a variety of different options to accommodate any food sensitivities that are present.

What To Serve For Drinks

If you are having your fellow parents over, be sure to serve things that won’t easily spill. Don’t overfill glasses, and avoid scalding hot beverages. Use real glasswear to avoid the wind knocking anything over. Warm beverages can be provided, but keep an eye on your guests, and enlist an older child to watch the little ones while their parents enjoy a cup of coffee or tea after the meal. If you want to serve alcoholic beverages, sangria is always a welcome drink on a hot day. Have a number of straws available for use, if parents want to enjoy a drink while feeding their babies.

How To Entertain Your Guests

Babies are absolutely adorable, but your guests may want some other form of entertainment at the same time. Hiring a children’s entertainer may be a waste, depending on the age ranges of your guests. Soft music playing in the background, or games that engage the young ones while providing enjoyment for parents are a great idea.

How To Put Together Guest Favours

After the party is over, be sure your guests leave with something, whether it be a treat or a memento. Putting together a homemade candy bag is a great idea, as long as your guests don’t have any food sensitivities or allergies to the type of candy you provide. A small picture frame with a picture of your child is also a wonderful idea, and is something your guests can put up in their home for years to come.

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