On your wedding day you want everything to be absolutely perfect. Men will tell you that it matters more for the women but although we will never admit it, we kind of care too. Tents add a very organic feel to a wedding and help keep your guests sheltered. You can really open it up, so that it feels nowhere near as claustrophobic as a stacked indoor party. When you look for a tent for the day, there are three factors you want to consider, size, aesthetics and of course budget.

According to many tent rentals Toronto experts, there are two types of tents to consider for such an occasion, Pole Tents and Frame Tents.


Pole Tents: Pole tents are better for smaller gatherings. Since they are almost always cheaper than frame tents, they are easier on the pockets.

There are a wide range of sizes depending on your required capacity and you can find one for pretty cheap that will meet your demands. You do not need to be well versed in rocket science to set one up and it takes less time to erect. They have to be staked into the ground, so you need a softer surface but being outside is the whole idea of a tent wedding.

A disadvantage is that you need a much larger clearing. Pole tents cannot be set up in your own back yard. For a decent sized tent you need about six to eight feet of free space surrounding the tent for the stakes and anchor ropes. Another con is, being called a pole tent; there are usually poles in the middle of them. Your friends have a bit too much to drink, they start bumping into things and before you know it, the whole house could come crashing down, literally. Other than that most people consider it to be the more visually attractive option of the two because of its swooping roofs.


Frame Tents: Frame tents can be put up on any surface, so you can work better with the space you have. You can attach different sizes and shapes together to create your own designs. It gives you the opportunity to really go all out with your creativity. You do not have to worry about the thing collapsing on you because it has no internal obstructions that could get knocked over. It is also more resistant to the elements and wear and tear. As a result you can leave it out for longer, this is better for cultures that like to draw out their celebrations for days.

It does take a lot longer to set up though and if you want to connect different sizes and frames together, you are looking at a full day’s work or more. It is also the more expensive option of the two and you need to have liners to hide the frame from view, which just adds to the cost. As a matter of fact, some liners are three times the cost of the tent. Unfortunately most liners are made of flammable material. If the climate on your special day needs the use of heating and cooling equipment, you might want to be careful. That being said you have a greater array of designs to choose from when dealing with frame tents.


You can always opt for a community centre as opposed to an open air concept, makes planning the wedding a little easier. If you do want a tent to add a bid of old school, medieval romanticism, these are the two structural types you would want to look at. You can always rent one for the day from many tent rentals Toronto stores.

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