Have you ever wanted to surprise a close friend, significant other, or family member but you have not one clue how to do it? Well, I felt the same way. My sister was turning 21 and I wanted to surprise her but I had not one clue what to do or how I should start. So, I asked my fellow tent rentals Toronto experts a few questions and just like that I was able to pull off an amazing surprise party. Here’s what I did:


Before Planning The Actual Party…

I made a list of guests. Now, my sister and I don’t have mutual friends so I had to ask her best friend to help me out by getting me the numbers and/or emails of all of their friends. If your guest of honour doesn’t have the same friends as you, you can reach out to them by doing exactly what I did or you can take their phone when they’re not looking and quietly collect some information.

After making my list of guests, I sent out the invitations. It is imperative for you to remember to clearly state that the event is indeed a surprise. You can say something like, “this is a surprise. DO NOT tell Sally.” Try to mention that about 3-4 times before the actual event. If you’re the type to send invitations out months earlier that the actual event, your guests can very well forget that it’s a surprise.

Get a few helpers. You’ll need someone to assist you with your game plan. What are you going to tell the guest of honour? I told my sister we were meeting Mom and Dad for dinner at 7pm so she had to look fancy. I got a lot of great ideas from the tent rentals Toronto team as to what I should say to her in order to trick her into attending her amazing party.

Tell your guests to come 30 minutes before the guest of honour arrives! You don’t want her/him to see all of their friends entering the very same building as them. That would completely ruin the surprise!

Once you have your team of helpers, your game plan and lists of guests, you can move onto other tasks.


Stay Organized

Organizing a surprise party can be extremely stressful; however, I’ve come to find out that it doesn’t really need to be. Here are a few tips you can us in order to ensure you remain organized and have a blast:

  • Make sure everybody on your team is aware of your plans
  • Double check with the venue to ensure they are ready for your guest of honour
  • Create a checklist of things you need to rent from your local tent rentals Toronto shop
  • Send out reminder invitations to all guests and don’t forget to tell them once again that it is a surprise
  • Make sure your guest of honour is indeed available on the day that you have chosen for the party
  • Ensure the food, entertainment and music is all in place and good to go


Have fun! Try not to stress. Personally, my event was a blast and I’m probably the most disorganized personal on the planet. I also love to procrastinate. But by following the tips above, I was able to throw an amazing surprise party.

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