Apart from laughter, good times, and memorable moments, the need to enhance the look of parties by utilizing beautifully crafted party decorations is increasing. If you too are tired of seeing the same old decorations, then take a look at what our Toronto party rental professionals highly recommend.


  1. Balloon Backdrop


Toronto party rental
How many people really fathom the idea of blowing up balloons for the purpose of creating an astonishing backdrop? I’m sure if you have been to about 50 parties, only around 2 of them would display such a thing. Reason being, when people think “balloons,” they normally think of taping them to walls, chairs and tables. Little do they know, a well crafted work of art made by balloons can really add that extra “spark” to your birthday party! Balloon backdrops can be placed behind the head table and even at the front where your photos will be taken.

2.Unique Pinwheel Decorations


Toronto party rental
If someone asked me to name one thing that was easy to make, and looks great, I would say “Pinwheels” right away! Pinwheel decorations are hardly seen anymore, but, that is mainly due to the fact that they have been preserved as something that takes up “too much time.” By browsing the web, you can effortlessly find instructions on how to create eye-catching pinwheels that can gracefully spin once the wind blows through its delicate body.

3. Personalized Birthday Banners

birthday banner
Welcome the birthday boy/girl into the room with something more than great friends and tasty food. Personalized birthday banners add a more sentimental touch the overall look of the party. The star of the event can even take this banner home and keep it in their room for the purpose of remembering their party forever. Birthday banners are easy to create and locate. They can even match the overall theme of your party while displaying elegance and creativity at the same time.


4. Creative Paper Cutlery Items

Let’s moveparty rentals Toronto
away from the traditional white plastic cutlery items and towards something more unique. Displaying uniquely crafted paper items automatically places you outside of the box. Many people refrain from searching for such items as it may be difficult to locate something that actually matches with your event. At AS Special Events, our expert party planners can locate these items with ease

5. Glow in the Dark Centerpieces


dark centrepieces
We’re used to seeing simply themed centerpieces, but, what are the odds of us seeing appealing glow in the dark décor? Centre pieces undoubtedly enhance the overall look of your table. If your centre piece is unique enough, you may not even need any other form of décor for your tables. This would ultimately save you a bunch of money – leaving you more room to invest in crafty desserts, which we will mention in our next post!

6. Crafty, Decorative Desserts


As many Toronto party rental experts ask, “what’s dessert without a little fun?” At every party, dessert has become an essential food item. Whether it is cakes or lollipops, it’s a great idea to incorporate some unique items that will not only add flavour to your desserts, but enhance the look of them too. Warning: your desserts may look too good to eat!

7. Popsicle Stick Table Runners

Not only are these fun to make, they are very creative too! By utilizing many different patterns and colours, you can effortlessly create a table runner that is inexpensive and unique.

8. Extraordinary Balloon Doorway Arch

Balloon doorway arches are cool, but extraordinary arches are 10x better! By extraordinary, I mean adding a little extra décor to the already fancy balloons. Maybe some streamers or sparkles in between the extra spaces. Create something that will “pull people in” to your entrance.

9. Creative Loot Bags

Loot bags are great for both children and adults – I mean, who doesn’t like a little treat? Now, there are normal loot bag that come pre-designed with a few unique pictures, and there are creative loot bags that can be constructed in a matter of minutes so long as you have the appropriate decorative items. Such as; glitter, stickers and markers. Create a loot bag that can be both admirable and a joy for your guests.

10. Have A Decorative Message Wall

The average item used for the purpose of receiving messages from your party attendants is a guest book. These books are normally plain (unless you decorate them). Step outside of the box and create a message wall! Allow your guests to write inspirational messages that will guide you throughout the upcoming years of your life. Place multicoloured stick tape and pens on the table so that at the end of the day, a beautiful work of art is displayed on the wall.

Host the Best Party

You don’t need to panic when planning your party! There are an immense amount of resources and rental supplies available to your leisure. The ultimate goal for most is to create memorable events that will automatically amaze your guests as they walk in. Get creative and think of some ideas that you have never seen before! Expert party rentals Toronto members also recommend adding a tent or two to your event – as this will add extra elegance! Are you aware of the immense amount of ideas that are out there in order for you to host a glamourous event on a tight budget? Allow our experts to enlighten you.


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