It goes without saying that there are over 20,000 weddings that take place each month in any given district. Of these countless amount of weddings, over half of them showcase the same floral decor. Our wedding rental Toronto experts are going to introduce you to a vast variety of unique floral ideas that will enable you to not only present your guests with astonishing scenes, but were utilized by celebrities too.


  1. Fountain Le Floral




You can’t go wrong with a uniquely designed, hand-crafted fountain that is accented with a plethora of astonishingly beautiful flowers. Such a display will undoubtedly shine light to your wedding and grace your guests with joy. Many people tend to overlook the beauty and elegance in which floral fountains bring to their wedding – let’s stop that habit, and step out of the box. Contact us today in order to connect with our expert florists.


2. Eye-Catching Pomander Balls




The allurement presented by pomander balls is often overlooked. For reasonable prices, it is quite easy to find beautifully crafted pomanders that display the true glamour of flowers. These charming balls are especially gorgeous when they are tied to tree branches or hung from the ceiling. Using a silky bow for the purpose of tying a pomander ball also adds elegance to its overall display of beauty.


3. Floral Crowns




We are all aware that most bridesmaids wear the same outfits, but how unique would it be if they were all wearing the same beauteous floral crowns, along with the bride? By simply glancing at the photo above, you can automatically see the beauty that is displayed by the floral crowns. The unique option to use the same colour or mix match is also made available by our experts here at AS Special Events.

4. Famous Flower Backdrops


It goes without saying that well-designed floral backdrops enhance the overall look of the photos that are taken at your wedding. Whether you choose a floor to ceiling design, or a portable wall (as displayed above), your photos will be enlightened. Floral backdrops for the purpose of creating astonishing backgrounds for pictures are quite rear – for many people would rather use the natural beauty of flowers. However, with the constant blowing of wind, or even during the wintery months, it would be wise to invest in an intricately designed floral arrangement such as a backdrop.

5. Floral Staircase



Who says indoor weddings cannot display the beauty of flowers too? Allow uniquely grown flowers to grace the overall presence of the staircase. This idea is perfect for those who would love to keep memorable photos. The natural beauty of stairs alone does not due your wedding enough justice!


6. Decorative Floral Aisles


How beautiful is that? And how often do we see it? The mind-blowing fact about flowers is that there are billions of ways to utilize them for the purpose of enhancing your wedding. Floral aisles are seen as the signature statement for most weddings – however, they are often not thought of by the average person. It seems celebrities who have hired expert wedding planners are the only ones displaying such an alluring scene. At AS Special Events, our planners can effortlessly grant you with an amazing display like the one above.

7. Floral Tea Cup Arrangements

We would love to see this floral arrangement more often! Floral tea cups arrangements are not utilized often due to the fact that it is such a unique idea that is not thought of by many people. Try replacing your simple floral centerpieces with intricately designed tea cups stuffed with astonishing flowers and you will atomically see the difference. Traditional weddings are so last year, let’s try something new and exciting for 2016!

8. Edible Floral Décor

We can see the flowers, we can feel the flowers, but can we taste the flowers? For most weddings, the answer is no. But how amazing would it be if your guests were granted with the ability to grace their taste buds as soon as they bite into your uniquely designed floral décor? Of course, this should take place after photos have been taken!

9. Floral Tents

What a sight to see! Floral tents are very popular among celebrities and are beginning to become popular among our clients too. Wedding rentals Toronto experts have noticed an increasing demand for floral tents over the past six months. This pristine arrangement is mainly popular due to its uniqueness. It’s amazing to experience the beauty of flowers first hand.

10. Floral Table Runner

Floral table runners undoubtedly beat the look of fabric runners that include interesting patterns and unique designs. Without obstructing views or interrupting your guests from eating comfortably, floral table runners ultimately enhance the look of any table. As seen above, the wedding decorator didn’t even need to utilize table a cloth – for the eye-catching look of the floral table runner dismissed the need to enhance the table further. Ordering such an arrangement will definitely save the extra money you would have spent on other table décor.


11. Be Different

It’s okay to step outside of the box – especially when you are planning an event that happens once in a lifetime. The above listen floral decorations are not often displayed in the average wedding and our experts here at AS Special Events would love to see them more! Work with our ideas, and explore the many floral décor ideas displayed by celebrities, for the purpose of utilizing flowers to enhance the overall look for your excavating event. The only way for us to relive the most memorable moments of our lives is to look back at photos and videos. There are a plethora of items and decorations that can be utilized to create a memorable atmosphere for you and your guests. Why not create astonishing views not only with flowers, but other beautifully crafted decorations too? Our Toronto party rental experts will discuss this in the next post.


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