Top Party Rental Tips in Toronto

Throwing a successful party can be a difficult thing to manage alone. There is so much that one needs to take care of that often one or the other things gets overlooked; therefore, sabotaging the party impression. For a task as mammoth as planning and organizing a good party, outsourcing some of the work can be of great help. Fortunately, many party rentals in Toronto can assist you in delivering the major pieces for your party.

Here are the top essentials you need to throw that blowout bash:

Furniture – Many party rentals in Toronto have included pieces of furniture, such as couches, armchairs, coffee tables, dance floors and stages at both indoor and outdoor events. You have to carefully choose your furniture to go with the theme of the party and create a visually appealing atmosphere by mixing and matching different tones and textures. You also have to bear in mind the size of your decided venue before choosing the right furniture.

Tenting – Good tenting creates a comforting and relaxed mood for a party. Often used as shelter from heat, rain, and the wind, choosing the right tent according to your preference can be a daunting task. You must ask relevant questions regarding the features of the tent before finalizing the one. For example, how many people can it incorporate, how much does it weigh, is it difficult to carry around, etc. Asking all these questions will help you strike the right deal that goes with the tone of your event.

Tables – Table rentals range from cocktail tables to common ones. For formal, seated events, a large round or rectangle table is ideal. For corporate meetings, cocktail tables will encourage mingling between the officials. Communal tables and benches can be used for casual events. A floor plan of the chosen venue will help you design the table set-ups.

Chairs – Selecting the right set of chairs to complement your table set is also important in creating that unique tone for the event. You can choose to go with the traditional, benches for Harvest tables and bar stools for cocktail tables, or experiment by mixing and matching, according to the party theme and your visual taste.

Linen – Linen is the one item that directly reflects the theme of the event because of its ability to create mood through colors, patterns, and texture. Apart from these things, the material of the linen should also be taken into consideration. For example, Poly-cotton linens can go with barbecue parties, and lamour tablecloths and napkins can go with corporate holiday events.


Apart from providing visually appealing items, party rentals in Toronto are also an excellent way to minimize the expenses for your event as going out to buying the various items can cost a fortune. They give valuable advice and expertise about creating the tone, texture, and mood for your party; be it a retirement celebration, your child’s birthday bash or a casual company meeting.


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