Planning an event is often stressful and detailed and time sensitive work that requires knowledge and dedication from the entire team involved in the process. Different kinds of events require different approaches to planning. The right effort, the right help, and a basic understanding of party rental supplies will help to ensure that your next event will be a success.


These are a few things to keep in mind when you are thinking about putting your next event together:


Tent Rentals

This may be your most important decision. Many factors will go into your decision for an event tent. Primarily, it will depend on the time, size, and conditions of the party, as well as the location. If it is going to be an outdoor autumn event, having enclosed tents and tent rentals with heaters might be the best option. If it is a big gathering in warmer weather, larger and open tents may be the right solution. With all of the options available at AS Special Events Party & Tent Rentals, we can help you find the best tent for your party.


Table Rentals

When you are throwing an event with a formal dinner or catered food involved, having the appropriate tables is key to a smooth-running event. Use long rectangular tables for food displays, and a variety of round tables for dining. If you are serving cocktails, you can use tall tables and bar stools for appropriate seating. Less formal events can make use of communal tables or dining areas specifically for children with smaller tables. We have many different table rentals available to create the best dining experience for your party.


Chair Rentals

Selecting your chairs may not seem like the most vital decision for your event, but it can make all the difference in terms of comfort and style. For shorter or informal events, using bench seating or cocktail tables and barstools may be a good choice, providing more chances for guests to mingle and socialize. If you are throwing a longer event or a corporate gathering, use padded chairs with an elegant style to make the best impression with your guests. For the best table rentals and chair rentals for your event, check out our extensive inventory of party rentals Toronto residents can benefit from.



The décor of your event is one of the most important decisions you will make. From the linens to the lighting, the party design should reflect your personality or the theme you would like to represent. Choose a color palette that compliments the event style, with softer pastels for wedding parties or bold colors for business events. For holiday parties like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can use themed decorations and fun designs. Pick a show-stopping centerpiece and lighting fixtures with elegance to create a lasting impression. No matter what you need for decorations and party tent rentals, we can ensure that your event has it.


If you need some help with planning your event or finding party rentals and wedding rentals Toronto residents can feel confident in, contact us at AS Special Events. We work hard to ensure your event is perfect from start to finish.

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