Choosing a theme for your wedding is a very exciting task. Your theme can be displayed through your wedding invitations, favours, décor, flowers, dresses, linens, centerpieces and more. AS Special Events is your party rentals Toronto superstore. We offer everything you need to coordinate your wedding theme, with style and colour. For example, if you are going for a romantic and classic look you could consider using our damask linens to drape over your coloured linens. This beautiful design will add to the beauty of your décor. You can customize our wedding arches to suit the needs of your theme. For instance, the flowers can be mix matched or the tulle colour can be chosen specifically with your theme in mind. One popular wedding trend that we will continue to see in 2016 is the rustic wedding. Many couples are opting for country-themed or rustic looking weddings. Right down to the invitations, we are seeing this theme over and over again. Some brides have done burlap style wedding invitations, or invitations with mason jars and lights on them. Along with a rustic wedding theme could be a cookout theme. You might want to consider renting barbeques or grills to do a cookout style dinner. Another popular trend we are seeing is nautical themed weddings. You can use the colours blue and white and match your linens with your selected theme. Even your invitations and place cards can be nautical themed. Using water colours to make a theme for your wedding is a popular idea as well. You can decorate using various colours to match this theme. Water colours are bright, bold, and beautiful making for a perfect statement for your special day. Many brides and grooms are opting to have themed bars for their wedding. Some examples include a coffee bar, a lemonade bar, a sangria bar, a margarita bar, and more. You can easily rent bar equipment that will suit your theme. Check out AS Special Event’s selection of bar supplies available to rent. AS Special Events wants to be your number one source for party rentals Toronto. If we don’t have something you are looking for to compliment your theme just ask and we can get it for you. You are likely going to see a lot of funky patterns as themes for 2016 weddings. Chevrons, stripes, and more will become extremely popular. You may want to capture the essence of fun for your special day and opt for a fairground themed wedding. AS Special Events offers candy floss machines and popcorn makers for rent. This will help to complete your look and offer plenty of enjoyment for your guests. Floral themes continue to be hugely popular. Many brides are choosing to make flowers the centre of attention. Some brides are even wearing flower crowns in addition to carrying a traditional bouquet. Our team at AS Special Events partners with florists to make your wedding day a beautiful event. Be sure to tell us if you are thinking of flower themed event so that we can provide you with some great ideas. For that romantic and passionate look, many brides are going for themes with lace, or a ruffled and tulle look. British themed weddings are also gaining popularity, as many brides are beginning to have tea garden parties for their wedding theme. AS Special Events can provide you with elegant teacups and saucers if you’d like to give this theme a try. Wedding themes can be unique as the couples themselves. When choosing a theme make sure you choose something that suits your personalities and style.

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