Choosing the colours to use in your wedding can be a tough decision. With so many hues to choose it is almost impossible to decide. If you don’t have a particular colour scheme in mind then perhaps you can check out some of these ideas for colours for winter, spring, summer and fall weddings. The best part about choosing your colours is that you can often find décor items and tablecloths to match your chosen palette. Discover the options available to your when you rent through a Toronto party rental store. Renting tablecloths, and other accessories for your wedding can be a great way to save yourself from having to buy items that you will likely never use again. Many rental stores offer a wide variety of colour options to suit your needs. Here are some of the most popular trends in wedding colours right now.


Sage is a soft and unassuming shade. It offers a fresh and natural feeling. It is a romantic colour that can be livened up by adding some brighter colours such as pink, white, or orange hues. Choosing sage is a great way to bring out the flowers you will use on your special day as well. The green sage will blend nicely with the greenery in your flower arrangements.


Gray provides a beautiful base colour. A wide range of colours can easily accompany it. One popular trend right now is to create a cool look using various shades of gray, some white, and teal. This gives a more playful look to the otherwise monochromatic gray colour.


Burgundy is a beautiful colour choice and when it is paired with soft pastel pinks or cream colours it is absolutely gorgeous. The burgundy stands out among the pastels creating a very romantic feel.


Gold is a perfect colour choice for a wintertime wedding. It goes well with crystal-embellished décor and looks great paired with white, tan or champagne colours. Gold is classy and timeless. It creates a feeling of warmth in a room as well.


Navy is a traditional yet trendy colour. It pairs nicely with a wide variety of other colours. Sunset orange or ice blue look great with navy. Navy is very chic and timeless.


Lavender is also a very popular wedding colour choice. It is pretty and elegant and can be paired with white, slate, or light browns. It is a beautiful option for either a winter or spring wedding. You can check out party rentals Toronto to find out if you can find tablecloths and other linens to compliment this colour choice.


For a powdery look and feel you can use blush paired with ice, silver, or slate blue. It is the perfect way to add a playful and romantic feel to your winter wedding. You are sure to be able to find accessories to pair with this colour.


A strawberry red is a lovely hue to select. It can easily be paired with black, white or sage for a very festive look. It is perfect for winter weddings. The bright red with the soft lighting in a room looks wonderful.


Orange is the perfect selection for a fall wedding. Choosing different shades of orange such as tangerine and pumpkin can be fun. These colours also pair well with ice blue and white.


Olive green is a great selection for a fall or winter wedding. It can be paired with colours such as light pastels, or grays and whites. It is a beautiful and bold colour to choose. It gives off a very noble vibe. Having a woodland-styled palette can be symbolic of growth and abundance.


Raspberry is a beautiful and bright colour that is sure to make your accents pop. This colour can easily be paired with grays, whites or even browns. It is a beautiful choice for either a winter or spring wedding.


Eggplant is a very romantic colour choice. It perfectly pairs with silver, coral, lavender and raspberry. You can choose it as your main colour and then choose complimentary colours to go with it to really develop a daring or romantic feel.


Plum is a great colour choice for a winter wedding. It looks great with white, lavender, burgundy or navy. It provides a very romantic and playful feel. Plum looks great on stationary and is a perfect tablecloth colour choice.


Tan may seem like a fairly plain colour to choose but paired with grays or navy blue it looks wonderful. It is easy to find tan accessories to bring into the room to enhance the look.


Turquoise is both a bold and elegant colour choice. It goes well with white, navy, brown, and black. It is perfect for a winter wedding or even a summer wedding by brightening it up with even lighter colours.


Brown is a popular colour choice, especially when paired with turquoise or other blues, ivory, or slate. It makes a fresh and bold statement.


If you are looking to create a lively look then kiwi is a great colour choice. It looks great paired with many other colours such as pinks, plum and silver. It is the perfect choice for a summer wedding, and would look wonderful with a selection of gerbera daisies.

There are many ways to tie in your colours with the design of your wedding space and also your floral arrangements. If you are wondering how to go about ordering accessories such as linens, or décor items to match your wedding colours you can talk to the party planning experts at AS Special Events. If we don’t have your colours in stock we can order them for you. We are happy to help share our advice when it comes to colour selection. We will work with you to ensure that your special day is as beautiful as you imagined it could be. We are your go-to source for wedding rentals Toronto. We will collaborate with you to ensure you have everything that you need for your special occasion. We offer linens, serving utensils, glassware, cutlery and more to be used for your wedding day. You can certainly find pieces that will compliment your colour scheme to give a more unified look and feel. Talk to us about your specific needs and we can help you to select items that will perfectly compliment your theme and colour selection. If you’ve selected your colours but are having difficulty pulling the look together you can talk to one of our event planning experts to discuss ways to make the most of our your colour selection and theme. If you need help with floral arrangements we also have a florist on hand to help assist and guide you in flower selection. We are happy to help with design and décor planning and selection. When it comes to your special day we pull out all the stops to ensure your happiness. We offer friendly, reliable and affordable services. Speak to us today about how we can help transform your special event into something that guests will be sure to remember for years to come. Visit our website for more information about our products and services.

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