As many party rentals Toronto professionals know, wintery photographs will look gorgeous if they’re framed on your wall. Talk to your photographer in advance about getting some shots done outside on the big day. Aim for photography sessions during light snowfalls with no wind, so that you’re not covered in snow or getting blown away. It’ll also help if it isn’t too cold outside; although there is a solution to this should you have no other choice. Wooly ponchos (or even blankets) and a snowy backdrop will give the photographs a cozy and vintage feel. If you want some more colour in your photographs to make them pop in the table rental area, have a confetti blizzard in correspondence with the snowfall. If you’d prefer a more majestic ambiance in your photographs, consider swapping the ponchos with fur capes instead. For the bride-to-be, it is a good idea for her to pose with a cotton ball bouquet mixed with dried leaves in lieu of flowers, especially roses, which will dry out quickly in harsher conditions. Cotton matches the look of a winter wedding perfectly, and you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged easily. As for her wedding dress, she could do away with tradition and wear an ombre gown, adding even more deep hues to this already intimate setup. Most weddings are characterized by bold (and nowadays, flashy) lighting, but you’d want your winter wedding to exuberate intimacy and comfort in the table rentals Toronto region. In order to achieve this, Wedding Rental Toronto recommends that you light up multitudes of candles and spread them everywhere, along with low lighting and sparkles to illuminate the space and make it twinkle. Ask your Toronto Party Rental company to find you scented candles that are fruity – your guests will find bliss in such fragrances, especially if they are combined with the smells of wonderful food. If you’d like some colour in your lights, there’s nothing stopping you from hanging up light-emitting diode bulbs to render the space reminiscent of holiday nostalgia. If you decide to use these Christmas lights, you can also tie escort cards made out of twigs to them. You could also pair your lights with candle lanterns for a more antique look.


Many Toronto party rentals suggest getting your guests excited for the holiday-themed celebration by sending out paper invitations complete with winterful and jubilant illustrations and designs. As a thoughtful gesture, you should also prepare blankets for them to snuggle up in if you’re planning to incorporate any outdoor elements in your wedding. You could also ask to get your limousine customized, so that it feels like you’re going on a sleigh ride. You may choose to tie prop gifts on the roof of the vehicle and even use a wreath as your “Just Married” sign at the back of it. Don’t forget to decorate everyone’s favourite dessert at any wedding – the wedding cake itself! Make sure to add edible festive toppings such as winter berries, sprigs of fir, and glitter. Maybe skip out on the winter nuts in case any of your guests are allergic, but you can definitely decorate your banquet hall with winter nuts. They are becoming quite popular in the tent rentals Toronto industry.


As Special Events has a plethora of ideas, tips and tricks that will enhance the overall look and feel of your event. Take heed to the expert advice stated above, and call us as soon as you’re ready to host the best event in the GTA!


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